Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Psychoanalysis and Politics - Solidarity and Alienation: Social Structures of Hope and Despair

Psychoanalysis and Politics - Solidarity and Alienation: Social Structures of Hope and Despair
6th to 8th May 2016 in the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society
Vienna, Austria.


09.00-09.30 Opening address with presentation round

09.30-10.20 PINA ANTINUCCI – The centrality of the fraternal complex to the social bond

10.30-11.20 LENE AUESTAD – Solidarity and Structures of Difference

11.30-12.20 MASAMICI UEO – Solidarity and Disagreement: Revisiting Freud's Group Theory

12.30-13.20 STEPHEN FROSH – Acknowledgement, Apology and Forgiveness amongst those who 'come after'

13.20-15.00 Lunch

15.00-15.50 JONATHAN SKLAR – A Psychoanalytic Understanding of Alteric Attacks

16.00-16.50 FERENC EROS – Refugee Crisis, Xenophobia, and Racism: The Hungarian Case

17.00-17.50 ERAN ROLNIK – Deadly Subjects: Vengeance and Self-Sacrifice as Political Weapon

18.00-18.50 WERNER PRALL – Love thy neighbour? Psychoanalysis, politics and/or ethics

(Joint dinner, covered by the organizers, in the evening)


09.00-09.50 LYNNE SEGAL – Radical Happiness: Moments of Shared Joy

10.00-10.50 ŽELJKA MATIJAŠEVIC– Narcissism: a contemporary form of social conformism

11.00-11.50 JOANNA KELLOND – The Mirror and Alienation in the Work of Lacan and Winnicott

12.00-12.50 KARL FIGLIO – Ambivalence and Solidarity

12.50-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.20 AMAL TREACHER KABESH – Colonised Subjectivities: The West and the Rest

15.30-16.20 MERSIJA MAGLAJCIC – The Muselmann Rises: Life Worth Staying in the World Lost

16.30-17.20 LINDEN WEST – Solidarity, alienation and structures of hope: comparing Islamist groups and workers' education in processes of mis/recognition

17.30-18.20 EDWARD WEISBAND – "No Justice, No Peace:" Psychosocial Perspectives on Solidarity and Alienation in Identity Politics

18.30-19.20 JULIA BOROSSA – Psychoanalysis and the Taking of Sides: Working Through Violence towards an Ethics of Solidarity

(Joint dinner, covered by the organizers, in the evening)


09.00-09.50 NERI DAURELLA/EILEEN WIELAND – Mental health and Society in a context of crisis – Reflections from Barcelona

10.00-10.50 BRUCE SCOTT– Certainty and alienation: "mental health" and cultural hegemony

11.00-11.50 DMITRY CHERNOBROV – Distinction and agency in international constructions of solidarity and alienation

12.00-12.50 JAMES MANN/PETER NEVINS – A Psychoanalytic and Phenomenological Exploration of Social Structures of Hope and Despair in 20th Century America – using the novels of James Baldwin and Nella Larsen

12.50-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.20 RALUCA SOREANU – Alienation and Utopia in the Work of Sándor Ferenczi

15.30-16.20 VERA WARCHAVIK – Clinics of Testimony: Construction of Solidarity for the Silenced Victims of State Violence in Brazil

16.30-17.20 ZSUZSA PORCI/JULIANNA VAMOS – Revealing the Relevant

17.30-18.20 Closing discussion, feedback about the conference

Psychoanalysis and Politics is an international and interdisciplinary conference series that aims to address how crucial contemporary political issues may be fruitfully analysed through psychoanalytic theory and vice versa - how political phenomena may reflect back on psychoanalytic thinking. The first conference was held in 2010. All the conferences are held in English, and the contributors come from a range of different countries. We emphasise room for discussion among the presenters and participants, thus the symposium series creates a space where representatives of different perspectives come together and engage with one another's contributions, participating in a community of thought.Therefore, attendance of the whole symposium is obligatory.

Enquiries: psychoanalysis.politics@gmail.com
Web address: http://www.psa-pol.org/
Sponsored by: Psychoanalysis and Politics

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