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The Fifth Convention @ Uttarakhand History And Culture Association

                                                                 Uttarakhand History And Culture Association                        


(Established 2007)

The Fifth Convention (Feb.12-13, 2015)

Department of History, School of Social Sciences, Uttarakhand Open University, Haldwani-263139 (Nainital)



We all know that in the recent years the concepts of history writing have changed drastically, now the true history is not the history of kings & queens ,their courts or their adventures but the history of common man, the history of down trodens and their survivals. We would like that the Scholors also give their attention to topics like , Sustainability ,Culture & identity,Ethnicity,Gender,Migration,Climate change,Environmental change ,Food security,Green economy etc.

Therefore an interdisciplinary research in the Himalayan region needs a fresh look. The focal theme for the 5th session of UHCA is proposed as 'Emerging Trends in Historical and Social Sciences Research in the Himalaya'. This theme will have following sessions with broad sub-themes where researchers are expected to share their research findings and contribute to new knowledge on regional history.

v  Himalayan Regions and History writings

This Sub-theme will focus on the historians and historiography of the Himalayan region during pre-modern, post-modern era, upcoming trends and the contemporary works on history writings.

v  Archaeology in the Himalayan region

This section will deal with the archaeological findings in the Himalayan region and its surroundings and their contribution in history writings.

v  Folklore, Linguistics and Oral History

Folklore, linguistics and orality have a major role in history writings.New findings will be dealt with in this section. 

v  Cultures and Identity (ethnicity, religion, gender etc.)

Ethnicity, religion, gender etc. have attracted special attention in history writings.Researchers are invited to highlight the emerging trends in these areas and their contribution will be the main focus in this section.  

v  The Regional Economies / Quantitative History

The dynamics of economies and their role in Himalayan history will be the main focus. Quatitative researches in this area will be dealt in this section.

v  Environmental History: Sustainability, Climate change, Disasters, Energy, Security etc.

The Himalayas have a typical eco-system. The relations of man and environment, climate change and its impact and the question of sustainability will be the main focus in this sub-theme.

v  Science & Technology: Traditional Knowledge, Science, Society and History.

Traditional knowledge of the himalayan people to sustain themselves, Local scientific achievements, impact of science on Himalayan society etc will be the core areas in this sub-theme.

v  Trans-Boundary historical and Contemporary Networks :Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Western Nepal

This section will deal with the relations of Uttarakhand with Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Western-Nepal etc. through the ages.

         We hope that the 5th session will provide a unique opportunity to all the scholars, social scientists, historians and archaeologists to come together on one platform to share mutual knowledge of their academic achievements.

Registration  : Delegate Fee for the 5th session of UCHA

The executive committee has fixed the delegate fee structure to make arrangement smooth and comfortable.

The delegate fee has been set as:

Regular (Faculty)                                Rs. 800/-

For Research students:

Regular                                              Rs. 500/-

Please visit our website( ) and pay registration fee through bank draft in the name of Convener, UHCA 2015, the Department of History, School of Social Sciences, Uttarakhand Open University, Haldwani.  Payable at Haldwani and submit your abstract (Not more than 500 words only) on the link provided in our website.

The timely submission of abstracts will help us design sessions' structure properly and make available the equipments for your presentations. We wish to give you sufficient time to make presentation and discuss the research paper with.

The delegate fee includes accommodation for 2 nights (Feb.12-13, 2015), breakfast, lunch and dinner during the conference days and conference kit.  No T.A. /D.A.will be paid to participants.


Haldwani is a commercial town therefore hotels are expensive. We shall make efforts to arrange comfortable accommodation in guest houses and other reasonable hotels. Therefore, we request you to intimate your arrival details well in advance.

Abstracts / Research Papers

The last date for submission of abstract is 10th Jan, 2015. Kindly paste the abstract in the appropriate sub-theme provided in the link on our website ( ).  Please submit the full text of your paper in the appropriate sub-theme provided in the registration link by 31th   Jan, 2015.

Shiv Prasad Dabral memorial lecture

UHCA has initiated a Memorial Lecture series in the honour of Aacharya  Shiv Prasad Dabral. On this occasion 5th S.P. Dabral Memorial Lecture will be delivered by the eminent scholar during the sessions.




Business Meeting

The UHCA Executive Committee will meet in the afternoon of Feb.13, 2015. to decide the future program of UHCA and elect the next executive committee. The EC will also nominate the General President for the 6th Session. All the members are invited to participate in the meeting.

With warm greetings.                                                                                                 


Department of History, School of Social Sciences, Uttarakhand Open University, Haldwani-263139 (Nainital), E-mail - , Contact Nos :- 09412924858, 09690676632


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