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HOUSE & HOME '17 / International Conference in Architecture and Urban Studies

HOUSE & HOME '17 / International Conference in Architecture and Urban Studies

Istanbul, Turkey

Papers will be published in DAKAM's online library and in the proceedings e-book (with an ISBN number), which will be given to you in a DVD box and will be sent to be reviewed in the "Thomson & Reuters WOS' Conference Proceedings Citation Index-CPCI"

Enquiries: conference@dakam.org
Web address: http://www.dakamconferences.org/#!houseandhome/n4hd7
Sponsored by: DAKAM



HOUSE & HOME '17 / International Interdisciplinary Architecture and Urban Studies Conference will be held at Nippon Meeting Halls in Istanbul. The conference is coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and will be organized by BILSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions).

The event will be held on the same days with LITERATURE, ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN SPACE '17 / International Interdisciplinary Conference on Literature, Architecture and Urban Space and BYZANTION, CONSTANTINOPLE, ISTANBUL '17 / International Interdisciplinary Istanbul Studies Conference. Participants will be able to attend any of the sessions of these conferences.



Historical Perspectives
- The history of home & house
- House design in the 21th century
- Interior design and home
- House in the 20th century
- Architectural movements and house
- Houses of the Architects
- The "Genius Loci" of House
- History of individual spaces and modernity

Social Perspectives
- Politics and House
- Representation of space in the fictional narration and fictional places
- House from the perspective of social sciences (sociology, anthropology etc.)
- Advertisement, fashion and home
- City Planning and daily life
- Social media and living in the digital space
- Physiological perspectives to the house
- House & Architectural Education
- Ideological and historical dimensions of architectural communication and representation of house
(drawings, models, diagrams, digital design techniques etc.)

Theoretical Perspectives
- Definitions and role of "House" as a theoretical discussion
- Daily life and architecture
- Philosophical approaches about house/dwelling
- Definitions of house/home
- Theory of the house: Manifests
- Architectural criticism on housing & house



Dr. Funda Uz is an Associated Professor at Istanbul Technical University, where she teaches theory and design. After she received her B.Sc. (1996), M.Sc. (1999), she holds a PhD (2007) in theory of architecture from the same university. Her thesis "Reading the Urban Discourses of Istanbul Eighties through the Popular Textual Media" deals with various themes such as discourse, narrative, fragmentation and representation of the city and architecture. She had been as a visiting researcher in Cambridge University, Department of Architecture, between 2004-2005. She has been in organization committee 1st, 2nd, 3rd Architecture & Philosophy Symposiums (1999, 2002, 2005) and she was the editor of "Ethic and Aesthetic" and "Time and Space" books published after symposiums.

She participated in many national and international workshops, in Istanbul Biennale with a part of the exhibition (2007 and 2012), presented papers at numerous conferences, and currently involved in publishing her researches in books and magazines. Her academic interests include; interdisciplinary approaches in architecture, popular culture, memory and discourse, modernist borders of Turkey and architectural education. Alongside her research activities, she presently teaches courses on architectural design and theory such as "Architectural Design Studio 3", "Architecture, Design, Theory", "Architecture Today" and "Architectural Narratives" in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the Department of Architecture, ITU.



Abstract submission:
NOVEMBER 25, 2016

JANUARY 20, 2017

Full papers submission:
JANUARY 27, 2017

+90 212 244 23 03

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