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LibrAsia - The Asian Conference on Literature and Librarianship

LibrAsia - The Asian Conference on Literature and Librarianship
3rd to 6th April 2014
Osaka, Japan

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Sponsored by: IAFOR - The International Academic Forum


Hear the latest research, publish before a global audience, present in a supportive environment, network, engage in new relationships, experience Japan, explore Osaka and Kyoto, join a global academic community...

This international, intercultural and interdisciplinary academic conference on literature is organised by IAFOR in conjunction with our global partners, including Waseda University (Japan), London University (UK), The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKSAR), The National Institute of Education (Singapore), and Virginia Tech (USA). The Fourth Asian Literature and Librarianship will be held from April 3-6 2014 at the Rihga Royal Hotel and The Osaka International Conference Center, Osaka, Japan.

LibrAsia 2014

As the country that gave the world the novel one thousand years ago, and subsequently haiku and manga, Japan's long and rich literary history make it an ideal place to bring together academics, writers, and librarians to celebrate, debate, and explore their common passion. The aim of this International Conference is to encourage academics, scholars and practitioners representing an exciting diversity of countries, cultures, and religions to meet and exchange ideas and views in a forum encouraging respectful dialogue.

LibrAsia 2014 is not only an academic conference, but will again this year offer a number of talks, workshops, and readings of original works, in the context of an exciting long weekend of interdisciplinary and intercultural discussion.

LibrAsia Conference Theme 2014: Individual, Community and Society: Conflict, Resolution and Synergy

Conflict is an integral part of the human condition. The universal struggle between our personal selves - who we are as unique, separate and different from others, with our specific blend of experiences, abilities, attitudes, aspirations, needs and wants - and our social selves, intricately connected to, and interdependent on, others and our loved ones, our friends and favored groups, our communities and cultures - leads inevitably to internal as well as interpersonal conflict.

Conflict among our communities and societies is also natural, given that these groups are founded on commonality of geography, values, attitudes, beliefs, aspirations and differentiated from others based on these. Diversity, however, though it may lead to conflict, plays an important role in the flourishing of communities and societies. One of the challenges of modern society is harnessing the synergy that emerges from the interaction of these differences.

Literature, and the Arts and Humanities have long fed off these differences and frictions to try and make sense of conflicts through exploration of ideas, words, and artistic expression. With the introduction of the wide-ranging 2014 conference theme, the organizers hope to encourage and inspire exciting new research avenues, as well as foster academic and personal encounters, exchanges and synergies across national, religious, cultural and disciplinary divides.

We hope you can join us in Osaka in 2014!

Professor Stuart D. B Picken
LibrAsia/ACAH 2014 Conference Chair
Order of the Sacred Treasure, M.A., B.D., Ph.D., F.R.A.S.
Chairman, Japan Society of Scotland,
Chairman of the IAFOR International Advisory Board

CALL FOR PAPERS NOW OPEN: Submissions Deadline February 1, 2014
For more information about submitting an abstract, please visit the website at


Authors of accepted abstracts will have the opportunity of publishing their associated paper in the official conference proceedings, and a selection of papers will be considered for inclusion in the internationally peer-reviewed IAFOR Journal of Literature and Librarianship.

IAFOR - A Global Partnership

IAFOR works with our university partners to nurture and encourage the best in international, intercultural and interdisciplinary research. We work with senior administrators and professors in our partner institutions to develop programs which are timely, thought-provoking and academically rigorous. The global partnership alliance means that our interdisciplinary conferences are backed by some of the world's foremost institutions of learning. For more information about IAFOR and a full list of our Global Partners, please visit the website at

ACAH2014 and DAMIN2014

The Fourth Asian Conference on Literature and Librarianship will be held alongside the Fifth Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities and the DAMIN2014 Conference: Registrants for either conference will allow attendees the option of attending sessions in the other events.

Web address:
Sponsored by: IAFOR - The International Academic Forum

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