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Friday, October 31, 2014

Fifth National Research Conference on Climate Change

Fifth National Research Conference on Climate Change  
Abstract submission deadline extended to 8th November  
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
December 19-20, 2014  
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and Centre for Science and Environment, under the banner Indian Climate Research Network, are organizing the Fifth National Research Conference on Climate Change, to be held at IIT-Delhi on December 19-20, 2014.

The conference will cover topics related to the scientific, technical, economic and policy aspects of climate change in South Asian countries, with a special emphasis on renewable energy. This event, the fifth in the series, intends to nurture and enhance a dedicated network of climate researchers.

This series aims to further develop the capacity of climate research and action in India by:

a. Developing an arena for promoting interaction among researchers, analysts and practitioners  

b. Enhancing understanding of the current state of activities and research capabilities in South Asia and thereby identifying key lacunae

c. Deepening and broadening engagement on the climate issue with a particular focus on smaller academic institutions, NGOs and younger scholars

d. Strengthening a sense of 'community' among researchers

e. Exploring ways to more effectively link climate research and action programmes

We invite abstracts from faculty, students, civil society organizations and practitioners in the areas of climate science, impacts, mitigation, adaptation, disaster risk reduction and renewable energy. Abstracts should provide evidence of independent research and be of direct relevance to the South Asian context. Selected abstracts will receive a slot for presentation or poster session. There will also be panel discussions involving invited speakers from a range of different backgrounds.

Abstracts should be submitted online by November 8, 2014 at:

Acceptance notifications will be sent by November 15, 2014

(Online application includes option to request for financial support – travel and local expenses.  Grant of financial support will be subject to availability of funds and suitability of application)
For more information, contact:  
Arjuna Srinidhi
Programme Manager, Climate Change
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi 110062
Tel: +011 29955124, 29956394, 29956399 (Ext: 307)

The 2015 International Symposium on Economics and Social Science (ISESS 2015)

Dear Colleague,

The 2015 International Symposium on Economics and Social Science (ISESS 2015) is to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 21-23, 2015. We cordially invite you to submit a paper/abstract to the upcoming ISESS before November 15, 2014. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform which focuses on certain important topics of economics and social science. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the official website. Submitted papers will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-ROM support.

Bangkok is one of the world's top tourist destination cities. MasterCard ranked Bangkok as the global top destination city by international visitor arrivals in 2013. Bangkok was also named "World's Best City" by Travel + Leisure magazine's survey of its readers for four consecutive years, from 2010 to 2013. Bangkok's multi-faceted sights, attractions and city life appeal to diverse groups of tourists. Royal palaces and temples as well as several museums constitute its major historical and cultural tourist attractions. Shopping and dining experiences offer a wide range of choices and prices.

For more information, please visit the following links
Conference Website:
Online Submission:

Sincerely yours,

Chen-Ling Fang, National Taipei University (Taiwan)
Conference Chair, ISESS 2015


2015 InstSIS/IAABR - New Year's International Multidisciplinary Academic Conferences

Theme: Promoting Global Progress and Excellence in Academia

Institute of Strategic and International Studies (InstSIS) jointly with
International Academy for Advancement of Business Research (IAABR)

DATES: JANUARY 4 - 6, 2015

Address: 161 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Discounted rooms are still available at the South Beach Marriott for the InstSIS/IAABR New Year's Conference Participants!

The InstSIS/IAABR Miami Beach Conference offers the expected participants from around the World the popular InstSIS 2 FOR 1 ADVANTAGE - 2 OPPORTUNITIES: an OPPORTUNITY to PUBLISH your accepted paper or abstract in a PEER-REFEREED PUBLICATION with ISSN or ISBN number issued by the Library of the Congress plus an OPPORTUNITY to PRESENT the results of your work at an INTERNATIONAL FORUM) for 1 LOW FEE!!!

The Executive Boards of InstSIS and IAABR are very pleased to announce that the Keynote Address at the 2015 InstSIS/IAARB International Multidisciplinary Academic Conferences in Miami Beach will be delivered by Prof. Dr. William Rapp, Henry J. Leir Professor of International Business at New Jersey Institute of Technology's School of Management and Director of Leir Center for Financial Research.

We believe that all members and friends of the Institute, including all past, present and potential future participants in our conferences, have already noticed that for almost one year now, we have been partnering successfully with the International Academy for Advancement of Business Research (IAABR). Also, we have been watching with a growing alarm the crimes against humanity committed by an organization acting in a part of the Middle East, and which has been known under the names ISIL, IS, and ISIS. As socially responsible members of society, we ardently condemn these heinous crimes, and we feel that consistent with our personal values and the guiding principles of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies, we must change our acronym to InstSISWorld. Therefore, from now on, you can see this acronym, along with its shortened version, or InstSIS also legally acquired by our organization, in all official announcements made by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies.

This year, InstSISWorld and IAABR held successful conferences in Key West, Florida (Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Charles Wankel, Professor of Management at St. John's University's Tobin College of Business, New York; recipient of many awards from the Academy of Management; and Vice Rector at the Poznan University of Business in Poland); in Paris (Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sheila Puffer, University Distinguished Professor and Professor of International Business, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; former Editor of The Academy of Management Executive; and a former member of the Academy of Management's Board of Governors); in Venice (Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Joseph Rallo, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Texas Tech University System); and in Orlando (Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Khalid Alkhathlan, Dean of King Saud University's Business School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). At all these conferences, we were very happy to notice that the number of participants was growing, as well as was the number of represented countries which steadily surpassed the figure 50!

In about a week, we are going to hold a joint conference together with IAABR in Manila from November 5th to November 7th (Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ester Garcia, President of the University of the East, Manila, Philippines)

Please visit our Website for regular updates on our future conferences:
Miami Beach, Florida: January 4-6, 2015
Key West, Florida: March 15-17, 2015
Paris, France: May 18-20, 2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: July 5-7, 2015
Orlando, Florida: August 20-22, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada: October 25-27, 2015
We are proud to announce that the Keynote Address at the Las Vegas Conference in October of 2015 will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Rosalie L. Tung, the Ming and Stella Wong Chaired Professor of International Business at Simon Fraser University (Canada); formerly the President of the Academy of Management in 2003-2004 and past President in 2004-2005; at present, Dr. Tung is the President-Elect of the Academy of International Business; and she has also been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, as a Fellow of the Academy of Management, and as a Fellow of the Academy of International Business, among numerous other high-level professional accomplishments.

The Editors and Editorial Board Members of the InstSIS/IAABR journals are truly distinguished faculty, who earned their Doctoral degrees from leading academic institutions, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and who are holders of numerous international awards, among which is the recognition as "The Most Outstanding World Researcher". All members of the InstSIS/IAABR Academic Boards represent recognized universities from all continents.

Journals Sponsoring 2015 InstSIS/IAABR New Year's International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in MIAMI BEACH:
- Journal of Strategic and International Studies
- Review of Strategic and International Studies
- Journal of Academy for Advancement of Business Research
- Review of Business and Economic Studies
- Review of Social Studies, Law, and Psychology

Please note that all papers and abstracts submitted for publication to any of the above journals (or Conference Proceedings) will be double-blind, peer reviewed before a decision for a journal (or Conference Proceedings) publication is made. To be sure, incorporating reviewer comments will make many submitted papers improve to a journal publication quality! Selected papers will be published in JSIS, the flagship journal of InstSIS with an acceptance rate of 12 percent (this information is current as of September 1st, 2014).

Papers related to all areas of Accounting, Banking, Business Ethics, Communication and Media, e-Business, e-Government, e-Learning, Ecology, Economics, Engineering, Environment and Life Sciences, Finance, Gender Studies, Globalization, Human Resources, IT, Law and Legal Studies, Leadership, Logistics, Management, Marketing, Political Science, Psychology, Security Studies, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sustainable Development, and Women Studies are invited for the above international conferences, which are expected to be attended by authors from nearly all parts of the World. People without papers can also participate in these conferences, and they are invited to serve as session chairs or discussants, as well as informal contributors to the academic quality of this international event.

To submit your full paper or abstract for these conferences, please email it as an attachment (acceptable formats are .doc and .docx;) to GLOBAL@ISISWORLD.ORG (please put "MIAMI BEACH CONFERENCE" in the Subject line of your message). All submissions will be double blind peer-refereed. Authors will be notified of the review outcome within three weeks after the arrival of their submissions.

FULL PAPERS submitted by DECEMBER 1st, 2014 will be considered for publication in one of the double-blind, peer-refereed Journals Sponsoring 2014 InstSIS/IAABR - New Year's International Multidisciplinary Academic Conferences in MIAMI BEACH or the refereed Conference Proceedings. The authors of these articles will receive their publications in person while still attending the ISIS conference in Miami Beach (one copy per a registered participant will be provided free of charge at the conference location), subject to the timely fulfillment of all editorial requirements.

Authors of ABSTRACTS submitted by DECEMBER 10th, and which would meet the selection criteria of the Conference Review Committee, will be given the chance to present their work in progress at the InstSIS/IAABR Conferences in Miami Beach. These abstracts will be published in a separate section of the refereed Conference Proceedings. If the authors decide to complete their work in progress after the conference, they could also submit their COMPLETED PAPERS by April 15th, 2015, in order to be considered for publication in a later issue of one of the double-blind, peer-refereed InstSIS or IAABR Journals .

Authors, who could NOT travel to Miami Beach for visa or other reasons, may PARTICIPATE VIRTUALLY in the InstSIS/IAABR conferences, and these authors will have the same publication opportunities, as the regular conference presenters.


The regular registration fee is 330 USD (the reduced registration fee for virtual participants via Skype is 280 USD), and the regular registration fee includes: 1) the popular InstSIS 2 FOR 1 ADVANTAGE - 2 OPPORTUNITIES: an OPPORTUNITY to PUBLISH your accepted paper or abstract in a PEER-REFEREED PUBLICATION with ISSN or ISBN number issued by the Library of the Congress plus an OPPORTUNITY to PRESENT the results of your work at an INTERNATIONAL FORUM) for 1 LOW FEE; 2) one printed issue of the journal or Proceedings CD containing your paper; 3) an Official Certificate for International Conference participation; 4) the Conference Luncheon and Keynote Address; 5) Attending all Conference sessions 6) Attending all Social and Networking events; 7) Attending the Welcome Reception and Coffee Breaks; 8) Listing of your presentation in the program; 9) an Opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and network with your international colleagues in a friendly environment + 10) Explore history of culture of South Florida, as well as tropical beaches, chic shopping and night life of Miami Beach!

Prof. Dr. Ivan Manev, Dean of University of Maine's Business School, USA
Conference Chair, 2015 InstSIS/IAABR Miami Beach Conferences

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Conference @ Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University

Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow - 226025 is organizing National Social Science Conference in collaboration with Association of Socio-Economic Development Studies on Development Challenges in Developing Nations During Post Globalisation Period: A Social Science Perspective
December 16-17, 2014 
The conference will result in the early publication of a volume of collected quality papers in a Book/Journal. We invite scholars to register and submit papers before December 5, 2014. For details please visit
For contact : NMP Verma, Prof of Economics Email:

National Eligibility Test @ University Grants Commission

Seminar @ Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social Science Research

Workshop @ Manipal University

kshop @ 

Workshop @ V.V.Giri National Labour Institute

Jobs @ Central University of Punjab

Jobs @ Jiwaji University

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Campus Ambassador @ Legal Bloc

Respected Sir/Ma'am

Legal Bloc ( is inviting call for campus ambassadors.  
Official Invitation here:


Best Regards:
Suresh Khadav
Founder & CEO
Legal Bloc

The Third Global Forum of Critical Studies


The Third Global Forum of Critical Studies
Asking Big Questions Again

12-13 December 2014, Florence, Italy

Villa Vittoria- Palazzo dei Congressi

Deadline for Paper Proposals: 9th of November 2014

The Third Euroacademia Global Forum of Critical Studies aims to bring into an open floor the reflexive and questioning interaction among academics, intellectuals, practitioners and activists profoundly concerned with evaluative understandings of the world we're living in. The focus of the forum is to initiate an arena where no question is misplaced and irrelevant as long as we acknowledge that evaluation, critical thinking and contestation are accessible trajectories to better understand our past, present and alternative scenarios for the future.

Conference Description:
Some say that the 21st Century or modernity altogether made humans more concerned with doing rather than being. As the classical Greek civilization valued the most reflexive thinking as a form of freedom from natural necessities, contemporary times profoundly involve individuals and the imaginary accompanying social practices in a restless logic of consumption, competition and engagement that profoundly - or some would say, radically – suspends or indefinitely postpones the autonomous capacity of human beings to question and reflect upon the social order and the meaning of social practices. The fast advancement of the logic of post-industrial societies, the gradual dissolution of alternative models to the capitalist logic and a multitude of other alerting factors pushed ahead a global spread culture of one-dimensional productions of meaning that advances a closure rather than a constant reflexive re-evaluation of cultural/social practices.

Many alternatives at hand are often condemned to marginality or lost in the plural practices where everything goes as long as it's part of an intellectual market. The 'fatal strategies' of post-industrial societies to keep individuals captive, busy and seduced by contingent social arrangements and economic practices minimized the questioning detachment required to evaluate and give meaning through reflexive criticism and unlimited interrogation. Various labels were given to our unfolding times from apocalyptic ones to some more comforting yet not by chance lacking some vital optimism. Despite a wide-spread discontent and suspicion towards the daily realities of our current societies, most of the big questions are often left outside by the self-involved active pursuit of an imagined well-being that is no longer transgressed by harsh critical evaluation of its meaning. The academic arena itself also advances, supports, integrates and promotes limited particular methodologies that generate an effect of mainstreaming and often keeps researchers or practitioners out of the battle-ground for big questions.

The ongoing economic crisis made reality even harsher and pushed ahead the need for more thinking as many habitual categories lost their meaning or relevance. New ways of thinking could transgress some inappropriate conceptions or misconceptions that preserve their centrality due to the mechanics of habits. This is a time when a call to thinking is well-placed. This is a call to arms for critical studies that promotes alternative, questioning and multi-dimensional thinking.

When it's about critical thinking and critical studies there is intrinsically an unending open list of topics to be included. The Third Forum on Critical Studies proposes the 5 sections (that are by no means exclusive):
•       Theory/Philosophy
•       Politics
•       Cultural Studies
•       Political Economy
•       Arts and Performance

Papers on the following topics (and not only) are welcomed:
~ Diagnostics of Our Times: Where Is the 21st Century Heading? ~ Our Societies Are As Good As It Gets: How to Escape the Closure of Meaning? ~ Consumerist Societies and the Captivity of Thinking ~ The Being/Doing Nexus ~ Assessing Models of Capitalism ~ Markets, Capital and Inequalities ~ The Remains of Individual Autonomy ~ How Plural Our Societies Truly Are? ~ Debating Ideal vs. Real Multiculturalism ~ Social Narcissism and Consumerism ~ The Role of Critical Thinking: Proposing Alternative Methodologies ~ Are There Any Alternatives to Capitalism Left? ~ Social Causes and the Pursuit of Social Beliefs ~ Protest and Social Change ~ Re-Thinking Revolutions ~ Hegemony and the Remaining Possibilities for Social Criticism ~ Loneliness and Isolation in the Era of Mass Communication ~ Living Low Cost: Values, Meaning and Market Exchange ~ Ideology and Other Dominant Narratives ~ Critical Economics ~ Post-Modernism and the Critique of Modernity ~ Marx and the 21st Century ~ Debating the End of Communism ~ Non-Oppositional Societies ~ Consolation, Complicity and Passivity Today ~ Who Still Waits For A Revolution? ~ C. Castoriadis and the Project of Autonomy ~ French Thinking and Alternatives for Thought ~ Eastern Europe and the Enrollment to the School of Capitalism ~ China and the Logic of Growth ~ Crises of Culture ~ Left and Right: Political Spectrums and Pluralism Re-Discussed ~ Art as an Exchange Value ~ Originality and Complacency ~ Literatures and Authors ~ Heroes and Heroines in Electronic Literature ~ Fiction and the Fictionalization of the Contemporary World ~ Film and the Persisting Hunger for Heroic Imagination ~ The Illusory Charity and Imagined forms of Contemporary Humanisms ~ The Growing Social Irrelevance of Philosophy ~ Replacement of the Logic of Becoming by the Logic of Earning ~ How Do We Look Back at Tradition? ~ Just Wars or Unjust Thinking? ~ The Myth of Cosmopolitanism ~ Facing the Self ~ Communication, Media and Simulacrum ~ Science, Pragmatics and Vocation: Who Pays What We Can't Sell? ~ Is There Still a Postmodern or Any Other Kind of Condition? ~ Post-Marxist Way of Looking at Facts ~ The School of Suspicion and Evaluative Thinking ~ Feminist Readings of Our Contemporary World ~ Post-Colonialism and the Refurbished Other(s) ~ Theory and Power ~ Queer Theory and Living After the Sexual Revolution ~ Subaltern Theory

Participant's Profile
The conference is addressed to academics, intellectuals, researchers and professionals, practitioners and activists profoundly concerned with evaluative understandings of the world we're living in. As the nature of the conference is intended to be multidisciplinary in nature different academic backgrounds are equally welcomed.

Post-graduate students, doctoral candidates and young researchers are equally welcomed to submit an abstract. Representatives of INGOs, NGOs, Think Tanks and activists willing to present their work, research, experiences or reflections are welcomed as well to submit the abstract of their contribution. Euroacademia does not promote the byzantine association of people with their institutions. As well the distinction between senior and junior researchers is not applied as a cleavage.

Abstracts will be reviewed and the participants are selected based on the proven quality of the abstract. The submitted paper for the conference proceedings is expected to be in accordance with the lines provided in the submitted abstract.

For more information see

You can apply on-line by completing the Application Form on the conference website or by sending a 300 words abstract together with the details of contact and affiliation until 9th of November 2014 at

uLead 2015

uLead 2015
15th to 18th March 2015
Banff, Canada

Join in uLead 2015 - One of the world's most impactful school leadership conferences for government, school system leaders, principals, assistant principals, and aspiring school leaders. uLead offers a rich dialogue!

Web address:
Sponsored by: Council for School Leadership

uLead is an annual meeting point for those dealing with school leadership including; government, school system leaders, principals, assistant principals, and aspiring school leaders.
You will be able to share all your experiences with other experts in an international atmosphere in the UNESCO World Heritage setting of Banff, Alberta.
More than 700 delegates from around the world are expected to attend.

The deadline for proposal submission is November 30, 2014.
Proposals should be submitted online at

- Create an international forum for school leaders to discuss and exchange ideas about the latest innovations, challenges, and ideas surrounding school leadership
- Present and disseminate projects about school leadership and the emerging technologies that support teaching and learning in a manner that will support the growth of attending school leaders
- Share best practices and promote international partnership and cooperation

Banff is located in Canada's Banff National Park and certainly is one of the most beloved places by visitors to Canada.
The conference hotel – the Banff Springs Hotel – has been called the "Jewel of the Rockies!"
Banff is the perfect location to enjoy yourself. In March, weather is typically sunny in the mountain valley with spring skiing and a range of activities available on the mountain slopes by day.

Visiting Banff will be an experience that you will never forget.
Come and experience it for yourself!


21st Century Academic Forum at Harvard

Dear Colleague:

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the Second 21st Century Academic Forum Conference at Harvard, being held March 8 - 10, 2015.

The theme of the Second 21st Century Academic Forum Conference at Harvard is Teaching, Learning, and Research in the "Just Google It" Age. We encourage submissions that approach this theme from a variety of perspectives under three major topic tracks: (1) teaching and learning in the 21st century and (2) creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship and (3) academic research for the 21st century. Please visit our website for detailed topic track lists.

Call for Proposals:

Objective: The primary aim of the conference is to bring together an international group of researchers and practitioners to encourage and support the development of a new framework for better understanding the dynamic and interconnected nature of education, research, business, and life in the age of ubiquitous statement "just Google It."

Ways of Participating:

- Oral Presentation: 25 minutes
- Poster Presentation: 3 hours (held on March 9th from the a.m. coffee break through lunch)
- Absentee Presentation: For those who are unable to join us at Harvard, we offer you the opportunity to participate as an Absentee Presenter. Absentee Presenters can: upload their narrated PPT to our website, have their abstract printed in the Conference Program Book, and have their paper published in the Conference Proceedings
- Non-Presenter (Listener): For those interested in attending to participate in the various presentation sessions.

Conference Staff Fee Waiver Offer:

We are offering six conference fee waivers for the following positions:
- Conference Registration (2)
- Conference Photographers (2)
- IT Support (2)

Paper Publication Opportunities:

All papers that meet the 21st Century Academic Forum's Conference Proceedings requirements will be published in our online Conference Proceedings (ISSN: 2330-1236). Papers must be submitted for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings by June 8, 2015. We purposely set the deadline for papers three months following the conference with the rationale that authors should use the feedback they receive at the conference in crafting their final drafts of their paper.

The Conference Proceedings will be published on September 7, 2015. The Conference Proceedings editorial board in turn works with the editors of our three peer-reviewed journals to select papers for possible publication in one of our three online peer-reviewed journals listed below.

- The International Journal of 21st Century Education (ISSN: 2330-1244)
- The International Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ISSN: 2333-9659)
- Journal of Language Learning and Teaching for the 21st Century (ISSN: 2333-9640)

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Helen Soule is the Executive Director of Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) a national non-profit coalition of business, education, community and government leaders that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student. P21 provides tools and resources for helping educators implement systemic reform by fusing the 3Rs and 4Cs (Critical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and innovation).

Dr. Chris Dede is the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard's Graduate School of Education. His fields of scholarship include emerging technologies, policy, and leadership. His funded research includes grants from the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences, and the Gates Foundation to design and study immersive simulations, transformed social interactions, and online professional development.

Abstract Submission:

Submission of your abstract proposal(s) should be made in English through our Online Submission System until the final deadline of February 14, 2015. The Conference Committee reviews abstract proposals on a rolling basis and authors will typically receive a decision within two weeks of your submission.

We hope that you can join us for this exciting international conference at one of the top higher-education institutions in the world. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests.

Best regards,

Thomas Lechner, Ph.D.
Academic Director
21st Century Academic Forum
21 Apex Drive
Bozeman, MT 59718
+1 (406) 551-1101
Skype: thomas.lechner2

INTCESS15 - 2nd International Conference On Education And Social Sciences

FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS: INTCESS15 - 2nd International Conference on Education and Social Sciences

Istanbul, Turkey

2nd, 3rd and 4th February 2015.

Organized by: OCERINT - International Organization Center of Academic Research


You are invited to participate in INTCESS15 - 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SCIENCES that will be held in ISTANBUL, Turkey on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th February 2015.


INTCESS15 is an multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary international conference that provides the ideal opportunity to bring together professors, researchers and high education students of different disciplines, discuss new issues, and discover the most recent researches in all fields of EDUCATION, SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES in a multicultural atmosphere.


You will be able to share all your experiences with other experts in a truly international atmosphere. This conference will be held at international level. Plenty of participants from more than 70 different countries all over the world are expected to attend.


Include, but are not limited to:
all areas of Education; communication, accounting, finance, economics, management, business, marketing, education, sociology, psychology, political science, law and other areas of social sciences; also all areas of humanities including anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, ethics, folklore studies, history, language studies, literature, methodological studies, music, philosophy, poetry, theater and others.


- Abstract Submission Deadline: November 10th, 2014
- Final Paper Submission Deadline: December 15th, 2014
- Registration deadline for Authors: December 15th, 2014
- Conference Dates: 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February, 2015 - Istanbul, Turkey


All the accepted papers are going to be published in the INTCESS15 Abstracts and Proceedings CD-ROM (e-book) with an ISBN number and will be given to the participants on the conference day. Participants also will be able to reach and download INTCESS15 Abstracts and Proceedings E-book from OCERINT's online e-library: (
INTCESS15 Abstracts and Proceedings will also be included in Google Scholar, and sent to be reviewed for their inclusion in the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index.


Istanbul (Turkey) is one of the most impressive cities in the world: unique for its culture, historical and artistic richness, cultural and musical events of all kinds, lovely weather in winter and tasty gastronomy.
Istanbul is one of the world's great cities famous for its historical monuments and magnificent scenic beauties. It is the only city in the world which spreads over two continents: it lies at a point where Asia and Europe are separated by a narrow strait - the Bosphorus. Istanbul has a history of over 2,500 years, and ever since its establishment on this strategic junction of lands and seas, the city has been a crucial trade center.

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul.


INTCESS15 Organizing Committee

Conference website:


Contact us for Media Publicity

Coordinating a conference/seminar/workshop is a strenuous task for organizers as it demands a huge amount of organizers time in promoting the event for its success.
Not to worry anymore as we are here to make things easy for you. We pledge to simplify your task of coordinating conference/seminar/workshop through proper and systematic publicity for its wider reach and participation.
Our website with a nominal charge will take care of publicizing the event more effectively, ensuring an overwhelming participation for the event around the world, without making organizers to spend time on promoting the event. Those who are interested can contact us at