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Dear colleagues,

As we have been cooperating in the promotion of our last events (INTED, EDULEARN, ICERI) we would appreciate very much if you could publish the upcoming conference INTED2019 on your website.
We are glad to inform you that
INTED2019 (13th annual Technology, Education and Development Conference) will be held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of March 2019 in Valencia, Spain (


The deadline for abstract submissions is November 29th, 2018.
Abstracts should be submitted on-line at

After 13 years, INTED has become an annual meeting point for lecturers, researchers, education professionals and technologists. Every year, INTED brings together over 700 delegates from 80 different countries.

It will provide the ideal opportunity to present your projects and experiences to an international audience. Also, it will offer participants an overview of the current situation of education and new learning technologies.
INTED2019 Proceedings will be reviewed for their inclusion in the ISI CPCI (Web of Science). Previous editions are already indexed. Also, a DOI number will be assigned to each accepted paper.

We are sure that it will be very interesting for professionals in the area of Education, Development, Innovation and New Learning Technologies. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Yours sincerely,

INTED2019 Organising Committee

1st Asia Pacific Symposium on Academic Research (APSAR- 2019)

Enhance Your Research Career With Us; Free Journal Publication for All Participants

1st Asia Pacific Symposium on Academic Research (APSAR- 2019)
2nd and 3rd of February 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Venue: Novotel, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia.
Theme: "Making a Difference"
ISBN: 978-0-6482404-2-6

1st Asia Pacific Symposium on Academic Research (APSAR- 2019) will be held on 2nd and 3rd of February 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The main theme of this conference is 'Making a Difference'. Active researchers from different countries will participate in the event to present their latest research and best practices.

Subject Areas:

Business, Education, Social Sciences and Information Technology.

Important Dates:

Abstract submission deadline - 26th October 2018
Early bird registration deadline – 9th November 2018
Regular registration deadline - 23rd November 2018
Full-paper submission deadline (optional) – 4th January 2019
Conference dates – 2nd and 3rd of February 2019

Special Attractions:

All of the accepted full-papers (i.e., high standard) can be published without any extra fees in the following online journals:

Asia Pacific Journal of Advanced Business and Social Studies (APJABSS, ISBN : 978-0-9943656-75)
Asia Pacific Journal of Contemporary Education and Communication Technology (APJCECT, ISBN : 978-0-9943656-82)

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kuala Lumpur in February 2019. Thank You.

Warm Regards,

John Taylor I APSAR Secretariat I

Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR)
Suite 1A Level 2 ; 802 Pacific Highway ; Gordon NSW 2072 ; Australia
Web address:

Sponsored by: Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Jharkand Journal Development and Management Studies @ XISS

Fifth International Conference @Faculty of Economics at the South Asian University

The Faculty of Economics at the South Asian University is pleased to announce its Fifth International Conference on South Asian Economic Development.

The South Asian region presents a study in contrasts. Despite growing at impressive rates over last decade and a half, the region is home to the largest concentration of the world's poor with abysmal levels of access to basic economic and social infrastructure. In spite of sharing a common economic history that goes back several millennia, it remains one of the least integrated regions of the world, with large untapped benefits from greater economic integration among the nation-states as well as among the people. Being part of a unique university with a mandate of inculcating regional consciousness among the citizens of South Asia, the Faculty of Economics envisions for itself a leading role in understanding the economic challenges and opportunities unique to this region. Through this conference, we strive to provide a platform for research containing methodological advances, both in economic theory and empirical methods, which would contribute to our understanding of the process of economic development in South Asia.

Themes for the Conference:

We invite theoretical and empirical contributions, from various methodological perspectives and alternative theoretical paradigms, in all areas of economic research that are of relevance to South Asia. This may include (but not limited to):

• Political economy of development in South Asia.

• Microeconomic and macroeconomic issues in development economics (including issues from the fields of information economics, behavioral economics, public economics,banking and finance, international trade, industrial organization, etc.), with a focus on South Asia.

• Nature of economic growth and its implications for poverty, inequality, and economic and social exclusion in South Asia.

• Interactions of the growth process with socio-economic identities (including identities of gender, caste, religion, and ethnicity) in South Asia.

• Issues related to labor markets and quality of employment in South Asia.

• Sectoral dynamics of economic growth and its implications in the context of South Asia.

• Economics of health and education in South Asia.

• Issues in ecological, environmental and Energy economics, with a special focus on South Asia.

• Economic policies and issues of governance, including those related to the institutional frameworks and structures in South Asia.


Submission is open to all, though we would particularly like to encourage researchers working or studying in organizations based in SAARC member countries (namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). Papers must be submitted through the online submission system using Conference Maker at: 

Deadline for submission of completed papers is November 15, 2018. Acceptance of papers will be notified by November 30, 2018. 

For any queries regarding the conference or issues with the process of online submission at Conference Maker, please communicate at the following email address:

Accommodation and Travel Grants:

Organizers will provide accommodation to paper presenters (single presenter for each paper, up to 3 nights only). Limited travel grants to and from the paper-presenter's place of work / study (within SAARC region only) might be possible, depending on the availability of funds. Applications for travel grant must be made separately in advance. For the purpose of travel grants, preference will be given to Ph.D. students and young researchers without any alternative sources of funding.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

MPhil and PhD Programmes in Development Studies @ IDSK

(A Centre of Excellence in Social Sciences funded by Government of West Bengal)

Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK), an ICSSR-recognized institute invites applications for admission to the MPhil and PhD Programmes in Development Studies for the year 2019. The programmes are affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Candidates with MA/ MSc/ MCom or an equivalent degree with 55% marks (50% for SC/ST/OBC) in aggregate or its equivalent grade points are eligible to apply for both the programmes.
Application forms are available from IDSK office/online ( Completed applications along with relevant documents should be sent through registered/speed post/courier to The Director, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata, DD 27/D Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064 by 20 September 2018. For more details, visit

Travel, Movement and (Im)Mobilities

Travel, Movement and (Im)Mobilities
An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

Saturday 13th April 2019 - Sunday 14th April 2019
Bruges, Belgium

Travel, the daily movements of people (and animals), our mobility and ability to traverse spaces and places is the cornerstone of life in the 21st Century. We take it for granted, we presume it to be a feature of daily life and assume it to be a right which belongs to all of us. But whilst 'travel' appears to be initially straightforward, even a cursory glance quickly reveals an intricate, nuanced and multi-layered phenomenon which, even now, we struggle to fully understand or appreciate.

What exactly does it mean to travel? Who travels where and why? Undoubtedly tourism plays a major role: brands, rituals, routes, locations and attractions along with their links to culture, race, gender, identity, age and occupation. In this respect travel is connected to privilege, to heritage, to technology, business, economics and the environment. What ties does travel have to industry or education or health? But travel can also be involuntary; forced by acts of war, displaced through genocide, repatriated or removed by political dictators and governmental decree.

This inclusive interdisciplinary conference aims to map the broad boundaries of what is involved when we begin to grapple with travel and explore all the various interfaces which are created when people move, for whatever reasons, from place to place. We will be creating spaces where personal experiences and storytelling are available alongside perspectives from industry and travel professionals, insights from policy makers, viewpoints from indigenous cultures and local contexts, the activities of bloggers and vloggers and many, many more.

We will explore travel as a cultural phenomenon, identify areas, issues and problems where reform is needed and consider potential pathways to the future with a view to forming a publication to engender further research, practice, collaboration and discussions.

Key themes may include but are not limited to:

Economics and Policy
~ Trends and issues in the tourism industry
~ Business models that support travel (e.g. Air BnB and other DIY tourism models)
~ Tourism as engine for economic development in locations
~ Travel and the workforce (fly-in-fly-out occupations and their effect on individuals and communities, changes to human resource planning and policy, regulation of work-related travel)
~ Tourism policy (provisions for national/state parklands, historical landmarks, and other travel destinations; promotion and regulation of travel industry)

~ Travel bans and their implications
~ Safety rules and regulations for travel generally
~ Customs and immigration policy
~ Consular/Embassy interactions with travellers
~ Approaches to designing tourism destinations

~ Travel and learning
~ Travel and education curriculum development
~ Case studies in tourism and hospitality courses/training

Travel Patterns
~ Historical and contemporary cultural attitudes toward travel
~ Emerging trends; the rise of the travel as an 'experience'
~ Predicting the future of travel

Travel and Philosophy
~ Ethical and moral considerations in tourism (issues of exploitation, dark tourism, commodification of cultures, boycotts, etc.)
~ Impact of travel on the development of moral and ethical theories
~ Environmental impact, justice and sustainability
~ Journeys as enlightenment/pilgrimages

Travel, Medicine and Health
~ Therapeutic benefits of travel
~ Medical tourism; the rise of the spa
~ Role of travel in spreading/curing diseases
~ Differently-abled travel
~ Phobias related to travel: causes and approaches to treatment
~ Medical emergencies during travel: issues around insurance, approaches for accessible treatment
~ Those who cannot travel

Travel and Technology
~ Profiles of key innovations and innovators
~ Virtual travel and the technologies the enable it
~ Innovation to enhance speed and comfort of travel
~ The future technologies of travel
~ Space and deep-sea exploration

Travel as Creative Inspiration
~ Travelogues, tv series about travel, travel writing, travel cookery and cuisine
~ Art, music, poetry, literature inspired by travel (or which inspires travel)

Travel and Identity
~ Examinations of how class, gender, ethnicity, nationality, occupation and sexual orientation impact travellers and experiences with travelling
~ Specialised sectors in the travel industry to cater for groups (LGBTIA, singles, retirees, backbackers, etc.)
~ Anthropological/sociological studies of nomadic (sub) cultures and indigenous peoples
~ Motivations and barriers to travel

What to Send
The aim of this interdisciplinary conference and collaborative networking event is to bring people together and encourage creative conversations in the context of a variety of formats: papers, seminars, workshops, storytelling, performances, poster presentations, panels, q and a's, roundtables etc.

300 word proposals, presentations, abstracts and other forms of contribution and participation should be submitted by Friday 9th November 2018. Other forms of participation should be discussed in advance with the Organising Chair.

All submissions will be minimally double reviewed, under anonymous (blind) conditions, by a global panel drawn from members of the Project Development Team and the Advisory Board. In practice our procedures usually entail that by the time a proposal is accepted, it will have been triple and quadruple reviewed.

You will be notified of the panel's decision by Friday 23rd November 2018.

If your submission is accepted for the conference, a full draft of your contribution should be submitted by Friday 1st March 2019.

Abstracts and proposals may be in Word, PDF, RTF or Notepad formats with the following information and in this order:
a) author(s), b) affiliation as you would like it to appear in the programme, c) email address, d) title of proposal, e) body of proposal, f) up to 10 keywords.

E-mails should be entitled: Travel Submission

Where to Send
Abstracts should be submitted simultaneously to the Organising Chair and the Project Administrator:

Dr Petra Rehling:
Project Administrator:

What's so Special About Progressive Connexions Events?
A fresh, friendly, dynamic format – at Progressive Connexions we are dedicated to breaking away from the stuffy, old-fashion conference formats, where endless presentations are read aloud off PowerPoints. We work to bring you an interactive format, where exchange of experience and information is alternated with captivating workshops, engaging debates and round tables, time set aside for getting to know each other and for discussing common future projects and initiatives, all in a warm, relaxed, egalitarian atmosphere.

A chance to network with international professionals – the beauty of our interdisciplinary events is that they bring together professionals from all over the world and from various fields of activity, all joined together by a shared passion. Not only will the exchange of experience, knowledge and stories be extremely valuable in itself, but we seek to create lasting, ever-growing communities around our projects, which will become a valuable resource for those belonging to them.

A chance to be part of constructing change – There is only one thing we love as much as promoting knowledge: promoting real, lasting social change by encouraging our participants to take collective action, under whichever form is most suited to their needs and expertise (policy proposals, measuring instruments, research projects, educational materials, etc.) We will support all such actions in the aftermath of the event as well, providing a platform for further discussions, advice from the experts on our Project Advisory Team and various other tools and intellectual resources, as needed.

An opportunity to discuss things that matter to you – Our events are not only about discussing how things work in the respective field, but also about how people work in that field – what are the struggles, problems and solutions professionals have found in their line of work, what are the areas where better communication among specialists is needed and how the interdisciplinary approach can help bridge those gaps and help provide answers to questions from specific areas of activity.

An unforgettable experience – When participating in a Progressive Connexions event, there is a good chance you will make some long-time friends. Our group sizes are intimate, our venues are comfortable and relaxing and our event locations are suited to the history and culture of the event.

Progressive Connexions believes it is a mark of personal courtesy and professional respect to your colleagues that all delegates should attend for the full duration of the meeting. If you are unable to make this commitment, please do not submit an abstract or proposal for presentation.

Please note: Progressive Connexions is a not-for-profit network and we are not in a position to be able to assist with conference travel or subsistence, nor can we offer discounts off published rates and fees.

Please send all enquiries to:

For further details and information please visit the conference web page:

Sponsored by: Progressive Connexions

Monday, September 3, 2018

4th Int. Conference on Economic Growth & Sustainable Development @ SDMIMD, Mysore - INDIA

Greetings from Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) Mysore, INDIA!

SDMIMD is a top ranked B-School internationally accredited by ACBSP (USA) and EFMD EPAS (France). Learn more about SDMIMD by visiting the website: in.

SDMIMD organises International Conference to be held on November 23-24, 2018 on the overreaching theme of 'Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends'. The highlights of the events are: 

  • Invited talk by eminent corporate leaders & academic professionals of international repute
  • Publication opportunities
  • Opportunities of wide networking with delegates & resource persons from various countries

Also a pre-conference workshop on "Micro Finance for Macro Development"  is scheduled  on November 22, 2018.

Last date to submit abstract to the conference: 10 September, 2018. 

To learn more about the conference themes, submission dates and registration process kindly visit the conference web page:

The Conference Organizing Committee takes pleasure in inviting you and your colleagues to participate in the deliberations of the workshop and conference. Research papers and case studies are invited for the conference presentation.

Submit abstracts/full papers to:

Look forward to welcoming you to the Conference!

Warm regards,

Dr. B. Venkatraja
Conference Chair
Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD)
No-1 Chamundi Hill Road, Siddharthanagar
Mysore - 570011.
Tel: +91-821-2429722, Extn: 1100 
Mobile: +91-9480342652
Conference Webpage:

Saturday, September 1, 2018

7th Annual Conference of the Indian Health Economics & Policy Association (IHEPA)

Greetings from IHEPA!

Indian Health Economics and Policy Association (IHEPA) is organising its Seventh Annual Conference on "Strengthening Public Health Systems in the Context of Universal Health Coverage" in collaboration with Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation (GIFT), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala & Azim Premji University, Bengaluru at  Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation (GIFT), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala during 24-25 January 2019. Kindly find attached brochure of the event. Further details of the conference including submission of  the papers and registration are available in the IHEPA website ( This is to kindly invite you to contribute to the event by submitting papers and take part in discussions. You may please share the brochure within your academic circles. 
K S James
Secretary, IHEPA

4th year International Doctoral Research Awards 2018 - Publish your Thesis

Dear Researcher

Greetings. Please find the details of 4th International Doctoral Research Awards 2018
Details attached or visit the below link.


Archers & Elevators Publishing House

National Seminar@IIE

Event Details as follow:

The national seminar on National Seminar on Early Childhood Care and Education: Today and Tomorrow organised by Indian Institute of Education, Pune to be held on 25 & 26 September 2018 at Pune is an outcome of the institute's previous attempts in advocating the pre primary education in India's first National Education Policy. It helps the policymakers, academicians, teaching community, legal professionals, NGO activities and students to expand their views and ideas making future strategies for the ECCE development in India.

Followings  are the Objectives of the Seminar:

1. To documents efforts made at national and international level for advocacy of ECCE

2. To deliberate on practices in ECCE to address issues related to equitable access and inclusion

3. To share the views and ideas to improve the quality of ECCE in public and private institutions

The last date for the submission of abstract has been extended to 5 September 2018. You may send your abstract/full papers on email id

For more information, please see the official website-

Thanking You

Seminar Organiser

Sunday, August 12, 2018

2018 International Symposium on Education and Psychology - Fall Session (ISEP-Fall 2018)

Call for Papers

2018 International Symposium on Education and Psychology - Fall Session (ISEP-Fall 2018)
13th to 15th November 2018
Kyoto, Japan

Dear Colleague,

The 2018 International Symposium on Education and Psychology - Fall Session (ISEP-Fall 2018) is to be held in Kyoto, Japan on November 13-15, 2018. ISEP-Fall 2018 aims to provide a platform for research collaboration and sharing of research experience around the world. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the conference website. Please note that all submissions will be reviewed by at least two independent peers. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference.

Kyoto was named the World's Best City in the Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards Top 5 in 2018. Kyoto is often called "Japan's heartland", and it is said that it is impossible to know the real Japan without knowing Kyoto. Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a millennium, and carries a reputation as the most beautiful city. We believe that you will have a wonderful trip and great experience of fall foliage here in the Kyoto City.

Conference Website:

Best regards,

Organizing Committee of ISEP-Fall 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018

All India History Summit

All India History Summit
29th to 30th September 2018
New Delhi, India

In India attempts are made to reorient historical facts with mythological stories and fictional narrations. CERT is organising All India History Summit on 29-30 September 2018 at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi.

Web address:
Sponsored by: CERT

Friday, August 3, 2018

Fwd: 7th Academic International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies and Education

7th Academic International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies and Education - AICMSE 2018 (Boston)
Conference Date: 25th to 27th September 2018
Conference Venue : Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA

Planning is now in hand for 7th Academic International Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Studies and Education - AICMSE 2018 (Boston), which, as you may know, will be held in Harvard University, Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston USA, on 25th to 27th September 2018.

Conference Website:
Call for Papers Link:
Other FLE Events Link:

The overall objective of the Academic International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies and Education (AICMSE) is to provide a platform and stimulate discussion on issues surrounding education, gender studies, environmental studies, urban and regional studies, philosophy, social justice and sociology, business management and law in related areas.

The deadline for proposals is 20th August 2018 by which all interested participants are required to submit a provisional title, a short abstract (300-500 words) and an indication of your willingness to participate in the conference. We also highly encourage doctorate (PhD) and postgraduate students to present their research proposal or literature review or findings or issues in this conference with a very special registration fees. Case studies, abstracts of research in progress, as well as full research papers will be considered for the conference program for presentation purposes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding abstract/paper submission. Please forward this announcement to your colleagues and students who may be interested. We look forward to seeing you in Boston.

With best wishes,

FLE Learning Ltd
Conference Division : North America
T: +1 778 819 0134
F: +1 604 757 0701

Saturday, July 28, 2018

International Conference on Public Policy Affairs

I am writing this email to invite you to participate in the International Conference on Public Policy Affairs, scheduled to be held on September 3rd and 4th, 2018 at Mount Carmel College (MCC), Bengaluru. IMPRI is proud to be a co-organizer of this event with MCC.

The theme of the Conference is "Exploring Policy Making", which I believe, is certainly aligned with you and your organization's strategic interests in fostering greater understanding on various aspects of public policy. The conference will have inaugural and valedictory sessions, various panel discussions, special lectures, paper presentation sessions, students activities, cultural programs and so on. The conference would be graced by the presence of eminent dignitaries from renowned Indian and International Academia, Corporate sector, think tanks and Government institutions. 

Please refer to the attached copies of the brochure and poster for further details of the conference. They are also available on the following link

It would be an honor to have your participation in this conference. I also request you to disseminate the details of the conference so as to receive maximum participation from your organisation.

I earnestly look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanking you,

Best Regards
Dr Simi Mehta
CEO & Editorial Director, IMPRI

About the organizers:

Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI), New Delhi is an organization which serves as a platform to carry out non-partisan, policy-based research and implements action-based solutions to a host of comprehensive strategic areas for building a glocal network of ideas, understanding, and fostering values of democracy, market-economy, rule-of-law, and tolerance.

Mount Carmel College (MCC), Autonomous, Bengaluru is owned and managed by the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa. It holds the legacy of producing strong, empowered educated girls since 1948. Masters in Public Policy was started in 2016 to understand the nuances of the field of public policy and produce talented professionals for effective public policy formulation.

Online internship opportunity @ Knowledge Steez

About Knowledge Steez

To introduce, Knowledge Steez is a sincere effort to keep law students, researchers, scholars, academicians and teaching fraternity, updated with all the academic opportunities coming their way, so as to boost their career and promote much wider information dissemination.What we initially started as a blog, has now grown muscles and become one of the India's most popular website for law students and faculties across India.

Apart from this Knowledge Steez has been organising various events across the globe. Some of our events include National and International conferences on Human Rights and Gender Justice, Summer School on Human Rights in Bangladesh, Certificate course on Human Rights.

Upcoming events

  • World Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Legal Aid and Human Rights, New Delhi.
  • Winter School on Human Rights 2018, Kathmandu (Nepal)

Who Can Apply

Any Law student who is pursuing his 3 year or 5 year LL.B Course from any recognised Law University from India or any law student pursuing law from abroad who can devote  6-7 hours a week for work is eligible to apply.

How To Apply

Send your CV along with a cover letter stating your reasons to join the internship program to latest by 15th August 2018.




2 Months

Internship Conformation

Once your complete application has been received, we will take a minimum of 5 days from the date of your application to process your application and accordingly you will be notified if you get selected.


The internship offers will remain open for acceptance for 5 working days from the date of the offer.

Key Responsibilities

  • Content writing
  • Submission of legal news weekly.
  • Conduct legal aid workshops or submit entries for online social awareness campaign
  • Social Media Promotion
  • other tasks as alloted from time to time


  • Internship Certificate
  • If your work is up to the mark you would get a chance to get promoted to the core committee of Knowledge Steez


 With Regards

Mahak Rathee

Executive Director

Knowledge Steez

Contact No+91-8527677202+91-7782044252

P please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

Contact us for Media Publicity

Coordinating a conference/seminar/workshop is a strenuous task for organizers as it demands a huge amount of organizers time in promoting the event for its success.
Not to worry anymore as we are here to make things easy for you. We pledge to simplify your task of coordinating conference/seminar/workshop through proper and systematic publicity for its wider reach and participation.
Our website with a nominal charge will take care of publicizing the event more effectively, ensuring an overwhelming participation for the event around the world, without making organizers to spend time on promoting the event. Those who are interested can contact us at