Tuesday, January 3, 2017

International Conference on Arts, Social Sciences, History and Interdisciplinary Studies (ASSHIS-2017)

International Conference on Arts, Social Sciences, History and Interdisciplinary Studies (ASSHIS-2017) April 20-21, 2017 Kyoto (Japan)
20th to 21st April 2017
Kyoto, Japan

Submit: Abstract / Full Paper / Posters Before: Jan. 15, 2017 (Early Bird)
(If you like to publish full paper then submit "full paper" only)

- Printed conference proceedings with ISSN/ISBN number will be provided at conference
- The papers can be online in ISSN Journal / Each Paper will be assigned unique Digital Object Identifier(DOI) from CROSSREF-USA and Online DOI Indexed Proceedings (without any additional cost)
- Top Selected papers will be Published in the following Canadian Journal: Journal of Global Management Research ISSN 1488-4569  Link: http://gmrjournal.uqam.ca/  Country of Publisher: CANADA (without any additional cost)
- The paper can be published online in SCOPUS Indexed journals with additional charges. If interested then tell conference secretary at the time of Submission so that the review will be done accordingly.
Please Email Abstract / Full Paper / Poster in .doc/.docx format: editor@drhss.org

- Anthropology
- Art History
- Arts
- English
- History
- Information science
- Interdisciplinary studies
- Islamic Studies
- Language
- Linguistics
- Literature
- Local Government
- Multidisciplinary Studies
- Museums and heritage
- Music
- Occupational Science
- Philosophy
- Poetry
- Politics
- Psychology
- Religious studies
- Social Sciences
- Sociology

- Children and Youth
- Communications and Media
- Complex Systems
- Conflict resolution
- Creativity
- Culture
- Disaster Management
- Discourse
- Film studies
- Gender studies
- GLBT Studies
- Globalization
- Human Rights
- Identity
- Leadership
- Memory
- Poverty
- Public Policy
- Sexuality and eroticism
- Spirituality
- Sport science
- Sustainable development
- Tourism
- Urban studies
- Violence
- African Language
- African Literature
- African Studies
- American Studies
- Asian Studies
- Built Environment
- Development Studies
- European Studies
- Health Disparity
- Human Geography
- Human Geography
- Income Disparity
- International Relations
- Labour Economics
- Liberal Arts education
- Literacy Perspectives
- Multiculturalism
- Psychology Of Violence
- Racial Equality
- Racial Issues

Enquiries: editor@drhss.org
Web address: http://drhss.org/conference/158
Sponsored by: DRHSS
Organized by: Professor Dr. Kazuaki Maeda, Department of Business Administration and Information Science, Chubu University, 1200 Matsumoto, Kasugai, Aichi, Japan

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