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Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute is an autonomous institute of the Government of Gujarat established in 1979,under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 to provide  education, training, study and research in labour and related subjects .

Children are vital to the nation's present and its future.  Children's development is very important for the overall development of society.  The best way to develop National human resources is to take care of children.  India has the largest child population in the world.  All out efforts are being made by the Government for the development and welfare of children. Children's health needs are also significantly different from those of adults. By nature, children grow and develop at rapid rates, placing them at special risk of being affected by illness and injury. If health problems are not identified and treated, they can affect a child's cognitive, physical, behavioral, and emotional development. It is therefore essential to identify and treat health conditions early to prevent or minimize the impact on overall growth and development.

In this context,the Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute is planning to publish a volume on child Health and Nutrition. Volume will provide the conceptual scenario, prevalence and challenges of said themes at different  perspective.  Volumes are also focusing on the preventive and rehabilitative aspects of the current issues with its administrative and legal community based mechanism.This volume is sponsoring  by UNICEF.The audience of this volume is parents, academia, policy makers and practitioners. Moreover, this volume is child specific and having the word limit of 5000 to 7000 in the reference of APA style. 

Child Health and Nutrition

1.      Concept and dimensions of child health & Nutrition

2.      Challenges of sustaining child health & Nutrition

3.      Legal aspects of child health care

4.      Interventions for improving child health and maternal health 

In case of  any inquiry kindly revert back.


Dr. Suman Vaishnav
Assist. Professor,
Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute 
Drive-in Road, Memnagar, Ahmadabad - 380 052

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