Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Psychoanalysis and Politics - Anxious Encounters and Forces of Fear

Spring symposium in the Paris Psychoanalytic Society (SPP)
31st March to 2nd April 2017
Paris, France

This conference explores conscious and unconscious fear and its social and political vicissitudes.

PROGRAMME: see also: http://www.psa-pol.org/?p=552

09.00-09.30 Opening address with presentation round

09.30-10.20 PIERRE DE SENARCLENS – The Emotional Aspects of Nationalism and Ethnicity

10.30-11.20 GAIL HAMMILL – With All Due Respect: Fear and the Homosocial Contract in Totem and Taboo

11.30-12.20 LENE AUESTAD – Unconscious Fear, Authoritarianism and Experience

12.30-13.20 ŽELJKA MATIJAŠEVI? – Fear, Anxiety, and Terror: A New or the Old Authoritarianism?

13.20-15.00 Lunch

15.00-15.50 PINA ANTINUCCI – Encountering the Uncanny

16.00-16.50 THOMAS JUNG – Scusami, Scusami! When There Is No Name

17.00-17.50 MJ MAHER – Riding the Rumbling Terror of the Mystic Hour

18.00-18.50 ERIN SOROS – Who's Afraid of Lee Maracle? An Indigenous Author's Challenge to Freud


09.00-09.50 JONATHAN SKLAR – Forces of Fear on the Border: Memory and Trauma in Society

10.00-10.50 FADI ABOU-RIHAN – War Games

11.00-11.50 JIM GRABOWSKI – Department of Abuse and Neglect – A Confusion of the Tongues in Chicago Child Welfare

12.00-12.50 LESLIE GARDNER – The Brutality of 'Home'

12.50-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.20 MERSIJA MAGLAJLIC – Celui qui ne peut se server de mots: Dogs are Muslims, too

15.30-16.20 WERNER PRALL –The Were-Wolf is a Fearsome Beast, or: How to Draw a Line under the Human

16.30-17.20 BARI? ÜNSAL – Why Can't We Be Fat and Cheerful? Appearance Anxiety and Gaze of the Other

17.30-18.20 SUE LIEBERMAN – Brexit: A Suitable Case for Treatment?

18.30-19.20 LINDEN WEST – The Case of Brexit: Anxious Encounters and Forces of Fear: A Psychosocial Perspective

(Joint dinner, covered by the organizers, in the evening)


09.00-09.50 SCOTT GRAYBOW – Fearing the News: On the Role of Fear in the Social Character of American, White, Working Class Males

10.00-10.50 GILI LIVIATAN – Jocasta's Reparation: The Feminine Element and the Call for Peace in Cultural Products. A Critical Study of the Psychoanalytic Thought on War and Its Restraint

11.00-11.50 FERENC ER?S – The Politics of Trauma: From Shell-Shocked Soldiers to Holocaust Survivors

12.00-12.50 JENYU PENG – Encountering State Violence to Re-Create a Collective Identity. Political Trauma, Subjectification, and Space for Alterity

12.50-14.30 Lunch

14.30-15.20 KIRSTEN KLERCKE – The Pervert's Efficient Avoidance of Anxiety

15.30-16.20 JAY FRANKEL – Clinical Impasse, Political Impasse

16.30-17.20 NAYLA DEBS – Thinking and Being in Times of Change

17.30-18.20 Closing discussion, feedback about the conference

The conference lasts for three full days, from about 9 am until about 6 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The time frame for each paper is 30 min for the presentation itself + 20 min for discussion, 50 min in total, and with a 10 min break in between each paper. This is an interdisciplinary conference. Perspectives from different psychoanalytic schools will be most welcome. We promote discussion among the presenters and participants; the symposium series creates a space where representatives of different perspectives come together, engage with one another's contributions and participate in a community of thought. Therefore, attendance of the whole symposium is obligatory. Due to the nature of the forum audio recording is not permitted. This is a relatively small symposium where active participation is encouraged and an enjoyable social atmosphere is sought. A participation fee, which includes a shared dinner with wine, of € 299 before November 15th 2016 – € 377 between November 15th 2016 and January 15th 2017 – € 455 after January 15th, is to be paid before the symposium. Fees must be paid via Picatic (Picatic fees are not included in the price). Your place is only confirmed once your registration including payment is completed.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer travel grants or other forms of financial assistance for this event, though we will be able to assist you in finding affordable accommodation after January 15th. Please contact us if you wish to make a donation towards the conference. We thank all donors in advance! We would like to thank the Paris Psychoanalytic Society.

Psychoanalysis and Politics is an international and interdisciplinary conference series that aims to address how crucial contemporary political issues may be fruitfully analysed through psychoanalytic theory and vice versa – how political phenomena may reflect back on psychoanalytic thinking. The symposium series creates a space where representatives of different perspectives come together and engage with one another's contributions, participating in a community of thought. The conferences have been held in different European countries since 2010.
See 'About': http://www.psa-pol.org/?page_id=7
and 'History': http://www.psa-pol.org/?page_id=246

If you wish receive news about Psychoanalysis and Politics conferences, events and publications,you can fill out this form on the webpage:

Enquiries: psychoanalysis.politics@gmail.com
Web address: http://www.psa-pol.org
Sponsored by: Psychoanalysis and Politics

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