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International Conference on Education and Workforce Development 2017

International Conference on Education and Workforce Development (ICEWD'17)

17-19 January 2017
Higher Colleges of Technology - Abu Dhabi Khalifa City Women's College (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

CONFERENCE THEME: The 21st Century Workplace: Drivers and Challenges in a Global Market


ICEWD'17, co-organized by the Higher Colleges of Technology and 21st Century Academic Forum, is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people to learn about current trends, and to grow as a member of a global community of people committed to preparing citizens for the demands of the 21st century workplace. We will share research and best practices, discuss how students can develop skills and a mindset for success in the workplace and beyond; along with how we as practitioners guide students through this process. The conference program is comprised of keynote speeches, interactive workshops, panel discussions, oral and poster presentations, and opportunities for networking with a broad group of global professionals.


Three keynote speakers from workforce, education and industry sectors will address the intersections between education and the preparation /maintenance of the national workforce.


There will be a full array of presentations throughout the conference. Call for Papers is available at:


There will be panel and round-table discussions on each day of the conference.

Panel One: Teaching and Learning: This panel will focus on educational practices and initiatives in teaching and learning.

Panel Two: The Global Workplace: Participants from business, government, and specialists will discuss transformations in the workplace that require employees to possess global competence skills.

Panel Three: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Participants from business, government, and specialists will discuss practical ways that formal education can foster more innovation and focus on entrepreneurship.


There will be workshops every day at ICEWD'17 in order to give participants the ability to walk away with new skills.


ORAL PRESENTER: 25 minutes (20 minute presentation, 5 minute Q & A).

POSTER PRESENTER: 3 hours (held on 15 March from a.m. coffee break through lunch).

ABSENTEE PRESENTER: For those unable to join us in person at Harvard, we offer the opportunity to participate as an Absentee Presenter. Absentee Presenters can: (1) upload a narrated presentation to our website and social media sites; (2) publish his/her abstract in the Conference Program Book; and (3) publish his/her paper in the Conference Proceedings.

NON-PRESENTER (LISTENER): Participate in the various presentation sessions.


Consistent with the mission of the Higher Colleges of Technology and the 21st Century Academic Forum, we are calling for the submission of Oral, Poster, and Absentee presentation proposals related to but not limited to the topic tracks headings below. For more

* Education & Workforce Development
* Information Technology
* Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Submission of your abstract proposal (maximum of 3 submissions) should be made in English through our Online Submission System until the final deadline of December 23, 2016.


All papers that meet the Conference Proceedings guidelines will be published in our online Conference Proceedings (ISSN: 2330-1236). The editors of our peer-reviewed Journal of 21st Century Education (ISSN: 2330-1244) select the best papers from the Conference Proceedings to appear in thematic issues of the journal.


Come join us at HCT in January 2017 for an important discussion of issues challenging people and the planet in the 21st century. Our team is always happy to answer your questions.

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