Tuesday, September 20, 2016

International Conference on Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences (ICBEES 2016)

International Conference on Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences (ICBEES 2016)
25th to 28th November 2016
Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeriah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors and Reviewers (IASPER) is inviting you to participate in the International Conference on Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences (ICBEES 2016) that will be staged on November 25-28, 2016 at Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeriah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The theme of the said conference is "Business, Education, Engineering and Sciences Research: Addressing Challenges, Integrating Disciplines and Strengthening Collaborations." The objectives are: (1) to promote academic integrity in research and publication; (2) to disseminate research results for greater utilization; (3) to foster collaboration among researchers in the development of researches in business, education, engineering and sciences.

Best Practices in Research and Publication, Journal Accreditation and Evaluation, Research Ethics across Disciplines, Academic Integrity Policy, Organizational Development, Trends in Human Resource Management, Quality Assurance in Organizations, Trends in Business Management and Marketing, Challenges in Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Management, Experimental Results in the Sciences, Modeling Studies in Business Administration, Qualitative Methods in Business and Education, Economics, Work and Employment Relations, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organization Behavior, Innovation and Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Effective Teaching Pedagogies, Learning Styles and Learning Outcomes, Technology-based Instructions, Educational Management, Special Education, Maritime Education, Higher Education, Bioengineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Software Engineering, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Health, Safety and Environment, Science and Clinical Laboratory, among others.

Submit a full paper with a 200-word abstract with five parts: (1) introduction of the topic; (2) objectives; (3) methods; (4) results; and (5) conclusion with keywords having four parts: (1) discipline of the study; (2) concepts investigated; (3) methods and process, (4) geography (country/continent). It must be accompanied by 2x2 photo, institution logo and updated curriculum vitae. Send these documents to iasper@aseanresearch.org or iasper.2014@gmail.com. All submissions must be in Microsoft Word.

Submission for presentation consideration: October 31, 2016
Final Payment Deadline: November 7, 2016

The event is organized by the International Association of Scholarly Editors, Publishers and Peer Reviewers (IASPER) with SEC Registration No. CN201433407. The International President of IASPER is Dr. Djuwari, Director, Language Laboratory, STIE Perbanas, Surabaya Indonesia.

The chair of the conference is Dr. Rommel P. Sergio, Associate Professor/Chair of Marketing and International Business, School of Business Administration, Canadian University of Dubai. He is acting as the conference committee chairman.

Chairman: Dr. Rommel Pilapil Sergio, Associate Prof., Canadian University Dubai
Dr. Liza Gernal, Associate Prof., Al Khawarizmi International College
Dr. Mervin Misajon Assistant Prof., Ajman University of Science and Technology
Dr. Maria Jade Opulencia, Assistant Prof., Ajman University of Science and Technology
Dr. Neda Jude Salazar, Assistant Prof., Higher Colleges of Technology
Dr. Diana Haladay, Assistant Prof., Canadian University Dubai
Dr. Djonde Frega, Assistant Prof., University of Modern Sciences

Submissions for presentation consideration and General Inquiries:
iasper@aseanresearch.org or iasper.2014@gmail.com

You can also reach Ms. Gayle T. Salalima, Research Conference Specialist, through +63-88-880-2007 or +63917-888-1310.

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