Tuesday, July 12, 2016

POLITSCI '16 / 4th International Political Science Conference

POLITSCI '16 / IV. International Political Science Conference

Istanbul, Turkey

Papers will be published in DAKAM's online library and in the proceedings e-book (with an ISBN number), which will be given to you in a DVD box and will be sent to be reviewed in the "Thomson & Reuters WOS' Conference Proceedings Citation Index-CPCI"

Enquiries: conference@dakam.org
Web address: http://www.dakamconferences.org/#!politsci/er6b8



POLITSCI '16 / IV. International Political Science Conference will be held at Nippon Meeting Halls in Istanbul. The conference is coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and will be organized by BILSAS (Science, Art, Sport Productions).
Since 2013, more than one hundred presentations by scholars from different places of the world have been hosted by DAKAM's POLITSCI Conference and three proceedings books have been published.

The means of formation of authoritarian power, potentialities of resistance to authoritarianism, social movements, dialectics of force and consent in the creation of power, and the means of ideological legitimization of government policies are among the themes to be tackled within the framework of the event.

The conference aims to constitute a forum for prolific exchanges between different theoretical perspectives, interests and concerns prevalent within political science. We welcome papers based on original research in politics. We also encourage submission of abstracts derived from papers in other disciplines, including history, philosophy, and economics, hoping to engage in inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary dialogues that will add to our understanding of what political theory may mean for people today living in rapidly changing national, social and cultural contexts.

Our hope is to initiate fruitful discussions aiming at expanding the horizons of political theory through problematizing traditional boundaries, mainstream perspectives and concerns.

Presently the world is witnessing a series of radical transformations in the political sphere; the debate about the great transformation of the 2010s is focusing on the process of authoritarianization on the one hand, and on social and political resistance movements on the other. A manifold of political and social scientists tend to situate power and resistance in the contemporary world within a broader process, and tend to analyze them as components of political and social dynamics related to late capitalism, or, of neo-liberalization. The current forms of political power (including "illiberal democracy" and other less conventional forms of authoritarian regimes) can be also linked to the destruction of the public sphere in the real sense of the word, and to the creation of an imagined/fabricated "public sphere". This process implies the use of means such as the rewriting of history, and distortion of reality, within a seemingly democratic and participatory framework and renders analyses related to forms of power and resistance and the importance of creating genuine public spaces crucial. We believe the gathering of scholars who work on the complex web of relationships between political institutions, society, and the individual with a focus on the dialectics between consent and coercion in politics and who seek to transcend perspectives that tend to confine the question of authoritarianism to a schematic struggle between State and civil society will be most fruitful.



I. Political System and Institutions

The State: Coercion and Hegemony
Democracy and authoritarian regimes
Authoritarian populism
Illiberal democracy
Authoritarianism and neo-liberalism
Securitization in politics
Repression, police, and surveillance networks

Ideological Apparatuses
Education and Legitimization
Mass Media, Social Media and Politics of Authority and Resistance

Social Movements and Counter-Hegemony
Ways of Resistance to Authoritarianism
Gender and political power
Gendered effects of the rise of authoritarianism
Ecologism and resistance
Humor and Politics

II. Political Thinking and Ideologies

Political Philosophy
Legitimacy of Political Power: Philosophical Insights
Waning of the public space and the public citizen

Religion and Politics
The power of religion in the public sphere
Religious Extremism: Identity, Class and Propaganda

Political Symbols and Political Memory
The use of symbols and rituals in politics
Political memory: Centenary and millenary anniversaries
Art, architecture and politics
Spaces of memory



Organizing Committee

Assoc. Prof. E. Zeynep Guler, Istanbul University

Assist. Prof. Mehmet Arisan, Istanbul University

Assist. Prof. Ates Uslu, Istanbul University

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Deniz Kandiyoti, Emeritus Professor, University of London

Prof. Dr. David M. Smith, Middlesex University

Prof. Dr. Birsen Ors, Istanbul University

Prof. Dr. Serpil Cakir, Istanbul University

Prof. Dr. Aysegul Komsuoglu Çitipitioglu, Istanbul University

Prof. Dr. Nazim Irem, Istanbul Aydin University

Prof. Dr. Namik Sinan Turan, Istanbul University

Prof. Dr. Burak Samih Gulboy, Istanbul University

Assoc. Prof. Sevgi Ucan Cubukcu, Istanbul University

Assoc. Prof. Inci Ozkan Kerestecioglu, Istanbul University

Assoc. Prof. Arnault Skornicki, Paris West University Nanterre La Defense

Assist. Prof. Guven Gurkan Oztan, Istanbul University

Dr. Biriz Berksoy, Istanbul University

Dr. Tatiana Senyushkina, Taurida National V.I.Vernadsky University



Abstract submission:

OCTOBER 28, 2016

Full papers submission:
NOVEMBER 4, 2016




+90 212 244 23 03

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