Thursday, February 25, 2016

SYGMA 2016 - The International Symposium on Globalization and Media in Asia

SYGMA 2016 - The International Symposium on Globalization and Media in Asia

Join us in Hiroshima, Japan from April 24-26, 2016 to learn how globalization and the role of the mass media is shaping the 21st century. This is an international, peer-reviewed event.

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With the theme Globalization and the Mass Media: Agents of Change, the symposium will be a wonderful opportunity to explore current research, trends, and insights about this phenomenon while expanding your professional networks.

We welcome submissions of 250 words in English by Friday, March 11, 2016 on these areas:

Advertising & Multimedia Campaigns
Business Communication
Communication Theory and Methodology
Corporate Identity and Branding
Critical and Cultural Studies of Communication
Film Studies
Gender and Communication
Global Issues and Public Policies
Globalization and Economic Policies
Globalization and Health Issues
Globalization and Social Issues
ICT, Telecommunications and Digital Media
International and Global Communication
Internet, Online News and Social Media
Mass Communication, Globalization and Society
Media and Democracy
Media and Sport
Media Education and Research
Media Ethics
Media Management
Media Regulation and Policy
Media, Climate Change and Environmental Studies
Media, Music and Entertainment
Media, Religion and Culture
Political Communication and Satire
Print Media (Newspaper, Magazines, Advertising)
Public Relations
Radio-TV Journalism
Scholastic Journalism
Visual Communication
Other Areas (please specify)

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