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ACCS 2016 - The Sixth Asian Conference on Cultural Studies

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) invites you to participate in the Sixth Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2016 and enjoy the beautiful seaside city of Kobe, Japan.

Held alongside the Sixth Asian Conference on Asian Studies and the IAFOR International Conference on Japan and Japan Studies, at the Art Center of Kobe from June 2-5, join us as we discuss this year's conference theme, "Cultural Struggle and Praxis: Negotiating Power and the Everyday" along with conference co-chairs Baden Offord, Donald E. Hall, Sue Ballyn, Koichi Iwabuchi, invited speakers and more.

To submit an abstract for presentation or participate as an audience member, please visit the website or contact us for more information.

Submit an abstract:
Visit the conference website:

Join IAFOR at ACCS2016 to:

-Deliver your own research findings to a global audience
-Have your work published in the conference proceedings and considered for peer-reviewed, open access IAFOR Journals
-Benefit from IAFOR's interdisciplinary focus by hearing the latest research in Asian Studies, Cultural Studies, Japan Studies and more!
-Participate in a truly international, interdisciplinary and intercultural event
-Participate in interactive audience sessions
-Access international networking opportunities

-Discounts on registration fees are available for those able to pay registration fees early. Please see the registration page for details:

-If you have attended an IAFOR conference within the past year, or belong to an affiliated university or institution, we offer a 10 percent discount in appreciation of your support.

Conference Theme: "Cultural Struggle and Praxis: Negotiating Power and the Everyday"

The conference theme for ACCS2016 is "Cultural Struggle and Praxis: Negotiating Power and the Everyday", and the organizers encourage submissions that approach this theme from a variety of perspectives. However, the submission of other topics for consideration is welcome and we also encourage sessions within and across a variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

Abstracts should address one or more of the streams below, identifying a relevant sub-theme:


-social praxis
-education and/or pedagogy
-the city
-the nation
-human rights
-social justice
-minor cultures
-popular culture
-the family
-gender, queer and/or sexuality
-curation/the archive
-creative arts
-the ecological
-the transnational/global
-the economy

Submissions are organized in to the following thematic streams:

-Black Feminism
-Critical Legal Studies
-Critical Race Theory
-Cultural Geography
-Cultural History
-Cultural Studies
-Cultural Studies Pedagogy
-Gender studies / Feminist Theory
-Justice Studies
-Linguistics, Language and Cultural Studies
-Media Studies
-Political Philosophy
-Political Theory
-Queer Theory
-Social Criticism
-Visual Culture

Visit the conference website for further details:

About IAFOR and its global events

IAFOR welcomes thousands of academics to our conferences each year, which range in size from around 100 to in excess of 500 attendees. They do so because of the supportive and nurturing research environment, because of the unique networking opportunities, and because of the strength of the organization's platform.

Our conferences are meticulously planned and programmed under the direction of prominent academics to ensure that they offer programs of the highest level, and are also quite unique in the way in which they are supported by some of the world's leading academic institutions, including the University of London (UK), Virginia Tech (USA), Monash University (Australia), Barcelona University (Spain), Waseda University (Japan), the National Institute of Education (Singapore), and The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKSAR).

IAFOR's credibility has enabled it to become a genuine pioneer, and has grown to be the most respected and trusted organization encouraging international, intercultural and interdisciplinary study. The organization is a formative influence in providing new research avenues and visionary development solutions necessary in our rapidly emerging globalized world.

We welcome you to engage in this expanding global academic community of individuals and network of institutions, and look forward to seeing you at one of our future events, as we look forward to breaking new ground, together.

To learn more about IAFOR -

ACCS has two sister events around the world. If you are interested in attending one of them, please visit the conference websites for more information.

ECCS2016 - The European Conference on Cultural Studies -
Global2016 - The IAFOR International Conference on Global Studies -

ACCS2016 Conference Chairs and Featured Speakers

Professor John Nguyet Erni
ACCS2016 Keynote Speaker
Hong Kong Baptist University
Keynote Presentation: Negotiating 'Refuge': Humanitarianism for the 'Included-outs'

John Nguyet Erni is Chair Professor in Humanities and Head of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at Hong Kong Baptist University. He was a recipient of the Rockefeller and Annenberg research fellowships. He is also an elected Fellow and Member of the Executive of the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities. Erni has published widely on international and Asia-based cultural studies, human rights legal criticism, Chinese consumption of transnational culture, gender and sexuality in media culture, youth popular consumption in Hong Kong and Asia, and critical public health. His books include (In)visible Colors: Images of Non-Chinese in Hong Kong Cinema – A Filmography, 1970s – 2010s (with Louis Ho, Cinezin Press, forthcoming in 2016); Visuality, Emotions, and Minority Culture (forthcoming in 2016, Springer); Understanding South Asian Minorities in Hong Kong (with Lisa Leung, HKUP, 2014); Cultural Studies of Rights: Critical Articulations (Routledge, 2011); Internationalizing Cultural Studies: An Anthology (with Ackbar Abbas, Blackwell, 2005); Asian Media Studies: The Politics of Subjectivities (with Siew Keng Chua, Blackwell, 2005); and Unstable Frontiers: Technomedicine and the Cultural Politics of "Curing" AIDS (Minnesota, 1994). Currently, he is completing a book project on the legal modernity of rights.

Professor Baden Offord
ACCS2016 Conference Chair
Chair of Featured Panel

Director and Haruhisa Handa Chair of Human Rights Education, Professor of Cultural Studies and Human Rights, Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University, Australia. Vice President-International, Cultural Studies Association of Australasia

Baden Offord is an internationally recognized specialist in human rights, sexuality, education and culture. In 2012 he was a sponsored speaker to the 14th EU-NGO Human Rights Forum in Brussels where he spoke on ASEAN and sexual justice issues. In the same year he conducted a three-week lecture tour of Japan sponsored by the Australian Prime Minister's Educational Assistance Funds post the Great Eastern Tohoku Earthquake in 2011.

Among his publications are the books Homosexual Rights as Human Rights: Activism in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia (2003), Activating Human Rights (co-edited with Elizabeth Porter, 2006), Activating Human Rights Education (co-edited with Christopher Newell, 2008), and Activating Human Rights and Peace: Theories, Practices, Contexts (co-edited with Bee Chen Goh and Rob Garbutt, 2012). His most recent co-authored publication in the field of Australian Cultural Studies is titled Inside Australian Culture: Legacies of Enlightenment Values (with Kerruish, Garbutt, Wessell and Pavlovic, 2014), which is a collaborative work with the Indian cultural theorist Ashis Nandy. His latest chapter, 'Queer activist intersections in Southeast Asia: human rights and cultural studies,' appears in Ways of Knowing About Human Rights in Asia (ed. Vera Mackie, London, Routledge, 2015).

He has held visiting positions at The University of Barcelona, La Trobe University, the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and Rajghat Education Centre, Varanasi. In 2010-2011 he held the Chair (Visiting Professor) in Australian Studies, Centre for Pacific Studies and American Studies, The University of Tokyo. In Japan he has given lectures and research seminars at Chuo, Otemon Gakuin, Sophia, Tohoku and Keio Universities.

Prior to his appointment at Curtin University, he was Professor of Cultural Studies and Human Rights at Southern Cross University, where he was a faculty member from 1999-2014.

Professor Donald E. Hall
ACCS2016 Conference Chair
Lehigh University, USA

Donald E. Hall has published widely in the fields of British Studies, Gender Theory, Cultural Studies, and Professional Studies. Prior to arriving at Lehigh in 2011, he served as Jackson Distinguished Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English (and previously Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages) at West Virginia University (WVU). Before his tenure at WVU, he was Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), where he taught for thirteen years. He is a recipient of the University Distinguished Teaching Award at CSUN, was a visiting professor at the National University of Rwanda, was 2001 Lansdowne Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of Victoria (Canada), was Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Cultural Studies at Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria, for 2004-05, and was Fulbright Specialist at the University of Helsinki for 2006. He has taught also in Sweden, Romania, Hungary, and China. He has served on numerous panels and committees for the Modern Language Association (MLA), including the Task Force on Evaluating Scholarship for Tenure and Promotion and the Convention Program Committee. In 2012, he served as national President of the Association of Departments of English. In 2013, he was elected to and began serving on the Executive Council of the MLA.

His current and forthcoming work examines issues such as professional responsibility and academic community-building, the dialogics of social change and ethical intellectualism, and the Victorian (and our continuing) interest in the deployment of instrumental agency over our social, vocational, and sexual selves. His book, The Academic Community: A Manual For Change, was published by Ohio State University Press in the fall of 2007. His tenth book, Reading Sexualities: Hermeneutic Theory and the Future of Queer Studies, was published in the spring of 2009. In 2012, he and Annamarie Jagose, of the University of Auckland, collaborated on a volume titled The Routledge Queer Studies Reader, which was published in July of that year. He continues to lecture worldwide on the value of a liberal arts education and the need for nurturing global competencies in students and interdisciplinary dialogue in and beyond the classroom.

Professor Emerita Sue Ballyn
ACCS2016 Conference Co-Chair

Professor Emerita and Founder/Co-director
Australian Studies Centre, Barcelona University, Spain

Sue Ballyn is Prof. Emerita at Barcelona University from where she graduated with a BA in 1982. Her M.A. thesis on the writings of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes won the Faculty prize in 1983. In 1986 she won the Faculty prize again, this time for her PhD thesis on Australian Poetry, the first PhD on Australian Literature in Spain.

She joined the English and German Philology Department on graduation 1982 and has remained at the university ever since. In 1990 she founded the Australian Studies Program which was recognised as an official Barcelona University Observatory – Studies Centre in 2000, known as CEA, Observatorio Centre d'Estudis Australians. It is the only Australian Studies Centre in Spain and one of the most active in Europe.

Over the last twenty-five years, Sue Ballyn's research has been focused on foreign convicts transported to Australia, in particular Spanish, Portuguese, Hispanics and Sephardim, and she works closely with the Female Convicts Research Centre, Tasmania. She has published and lectured widely in the area, very often in collaboration with Prof. Lucy Frost. 2016 will see the publication of a book on Adelaide de la Thoreza, a Spanish convict, written by herself and Lucy Frost.

More recently she has become involved in a project on ageing in literature DEDAL-LIT at Lleida University which in turn is part of a European project on ageing: SIforAge. As part of this project she is working on Human Rights and the Elderly, an area she started to research in 1992. In 2016 a book of interviews with elderly women, with the working title Stories of Experience, will be published as part of this project. These oral stories are the result of field work she has carried out in Barcelona.

She is also involved in a ministry funded Project, run out of the Australian Studies Centre and headed by Dr. Bill Phillips, on Postcolonial Crime Fiction (POCRIF) This last project has inevitably intertwined itself with her work on convicts and Australia. She currently holds the position of Profesor Emerita and Founder / Co-Director of the Australian Studies Centre, at Barcelona University.

Koichi Iwabuchi
Professor Koichi Iwabuchi
ACCS2016 Conference Co-Chair

Monash Asia Institute in Monash University, Australia

Koichi Iwabuchi is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies and Director of the Monash Asia Institute in Monash University, Australia. His main research interests are media and cultural globalisation, multicultural questions, mixed race and cultural citizenship in East Asian contexts.

His English publications include Recentering Globalization: Popular Culture and Japanese Transnationalism (Duke University Press, 2002); East Asian Pop Culture: Approaching the Korean Wave (ed. with Chua Beng Huat, Hong Kong University Press, 2008); "Uses of media culture, usefulness of media culture studies: Beyond brand nationalism, into public dialogue (in Creativity and Academic Activism: Instituting Cultural Studies, M. Morris and M. Hjort (eds), Hong Kong University Press & Duke University Press, 2012); "De-westernisation, inter-Asian referencing and beyond" (European Journal of Cultural Studies, 2013). Together with Chris Berry, he is a co-editor of Hong Kong University Press book series, TransAsia: Screen Cultures.

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