Friday, October 16, 2015

The 1st International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance

Second Call for Makkah 1st International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance

The 1st International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance
6th to 7th March 2016
Makkah, Saudi Arabia

The vision behind the conference is to provide a platform for scholars, academics and practitioners involved in Islamic finance and banking to honestly and frankly address some important issues including the following: How can Islamic finance meet the social expectations of Islamic economics theory? Why Islamic banking and finance research has not achieved international recognition? Can Islamic finance be an efficient and stable alternative to capitalism? How can academics and scholars in the field be leaders rather than followers? What is the future role of governance and transparency to address valid concerns?

This conference aims to take a novel approach by stressing the need to significantly improve the standards of research and academic debate to achieve international standards of publishing and recognition. In this regard, this conference will be one of the first to involve highly respected and accomplished scholars from the conventional background to share their insights and experiences.

Scholars from leading academic institutions around the world will participate in the conference. These institutions include Harvard University, Princeton University and Chicago Booth University from the United States, Durham University from the United Kingdom, INCIEF in Malaysia and Qatar Foundation. Partners of the conference also include prestigious financial organisations including Institute of Consulting Research and Studies, Islamic Development Bank, Islamic Research and Training Institute, The World Bank Global Islamic Finance Development Centre, and Guidance Financial Group.

This conference will provide a platform for leading scholars and professionals to explore critical challenges facing Islamic finance and to present their visions of the contribution it has to make to the global economy.

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Sponsored by: Um Al-Qura University, College of Islamic Economics and Finance
Submission Deadline: November 15, 2015

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