Thursday, June 18, 2015

International Conference on POSTGRADUATE RESEARCH 2015 (ICPR2015)


December 1-2, 2015 / Safar 8-9, 1436H (Tuesday – Wednesday)
Bay View, Langkawi, Malaysia

The International Conference on Postgraduate Research 2015 (ICPR2015) offers researchers not only postgraduate students but also researchers who are interested to present papers on the system, curriculum and management of postgraduate school. This conference basically focuses on the area of postgraduate development and social sciences realizing the demand on this field and to explore the global issues.The researchers will be able to get feedback on their own work. It also enhances academic exchanges among researchers and also among students all over the world. The research activities of researchers and postgraduate students are geared towards achieving excellence in research and development. It is essential to provide a platform for the researchers and postgraduate students to present, question and exchange knowledge in the field of postgraduate research and social sciences.

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1. To provide a platform for the researchers and students to seek further opinions, comments and suggestions towards the improvement of
the conducted research.

2. To contribute knowledge in the field of postgraduate research and social sciences.

3. To provide wider opportunities to academicians and post graduate students to interact and create networking.


1. Research on postgraduate system, curriculum & management.
2. Enhancing postgraduate research on social sciences: development, action, policy & planning


1. Economics
2. Political Sciences
3. Anthropology
4. Sociology
5. History
6. Law
7. Linguistic
8. Business
9. Management
10. Finance
11. Accounting
12. Marketing
13. Education
14. Islamic Studies
15. Information Technology
16. E-Commerce.


Centre of Post Graduate Studies,
International Islamic University College Selangor (KUIS),
Bandar Seri Putra, Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.

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