Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Conference on the Social Sciences, Sociology and Globalization in Asia - COSGA 2015

The Conference on the Social Sciences, Sociology and Globalization in Asia - Hiroshima, Japan August 24-26, 2015

Join us in the City of Peace: Hiroshima, Japan from August 24-26, 2015! Registration includes meals and a free tour of Peace Park and also a free full-day trip to Miyajima 'the Floating Shrine.' Submissions Due Friday, June 19, 2015.

Web address: http://esdfocus.org/sociology-globalization-conference/

As globalization intensifies in the 21st century, it is crucial we deepen our understanding of it by challenging our assumptions and analyzing the changing social dynamics it creates. With the theme Sociological Perspectives on Globalization, the conference will be a wonderful opportunity to explore current research, trends, and insights about this phenomenon while expanding your professional networks. Submissions are due Friday, June 19, 2015 on any of these areas:

Area Studies
Business Studies
Communication Studies
Cultural Studies
Development Studies
Energy Alternatives
Gender Studies
Global Economy
Global Health
Global Supernumeraries
Globalization and Culture
Globalization and Environment
Globalization and Media
Globalization Studies
Industrial Relations
Information Science
International Relations
Library Science
Local-Global Linkages
New Global Inequalities
Political Globalization
Psychology & Behavioral Studies
Public Policy
Public Health
Social Welfare
Social Work
Transnational Migration
Urban Planning
Women's Studies
Other Areas (please specify)

For more information regarding submissions and registration, please visit our homepage: http://esdfocus.org/sociology-globalization-conference/

Enquiries: secretariat@presda.org

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