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The International Conference on Islam, Economic, Banking, Social Science, Communication and Education

The International Conference on Islam, Economic, Banking, Social Science, Communication and Education
29th to 30th May 2015
Millennium Hotel Sirih
Jalan Fachrudin 3, Jarkata 10250 Indonesia,Jakarta, Indonesia

The International Conference on Islam, Economic, Banking, Social Science, Communication and Education (IEBBSSCE2-2015) call for abstract and full papers. The conference would be held in Millennium Hotel Sirih, Jakarta, Indonesia on 29th-30th May 2015.

This follows the success of the organisation of the conference in Peking, China last year with more than 300 participants. We sincerely invite you to come to exchange your views, research conclusions and findings in one of the biggest intellectual intercourse with academicians, administrators and experts for the sake of increase of knowledge and satisfaction. This is the platforms of which you can project all field of knowledge in your perspectives whether in the Islam and non-Islam.

We welcome scholars from USA, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places to this international Conference. Let us share our thoughts, our most recent views and our theory in Islam and other perspectives. We will be discussing economics, banking, finance, accounting, social sciences, psychology, communication, law and education. Let us meet here to learn together and improve our knowledge.

IEBBSSCE2-2015 Conference welcomes theoretical, empirical and practical perceptions from scholars, practisers and specialists to present their papers in this conference.

Accepted papers would be published in our proceeding and may be printed in our Journals.

Advanced Social Science Journal. Asian Current Economics and Business.

The International Conference of Islam, Economic, Banking, Social Sciences, Communication, Education (IEBBSSCE2-2015) calls for papers. We call intellectuals of higher institutions, academicians, researchers, teachers, NGO, government officers and thinkers to give ideas and finding, on theory, practices, and operation of the above topics in our dynamic changing world. This is the global gathering of intellectuals, academicians, and specialists to understand and know one another.

Topic of Interests; Both non-Islamic and Islamic perspectives

Economics and Banking

Takaful, Insurance, Banking, Islamic banking, securities, derivative, Islamic stock exchange, Malaysia as a global Islamic Finance Centre, Islamic economics and sustaining Economics, Economics and development, fiscal and taxation policy. Asia as the economic focusing centre, growth, economic recessions and others, cheap petroleum problem.

Businesses and Communication

Business ethics and management, Marketing, Business objectives, Theory of business, radio, television, advertising, digital communication, publishing and others, viable and relevant contemporary businesses.
Sociology Anthropology, youth, woman, old aged problem, deviation, criminology, culture, religions, solutions to social illness especially in developing nations.


Child education, parenting, education for the blind and deaf, psychological education, e-learning, higher education, life-long learning. Challenges of the most suitable education in our transparent digital age.


Aqidah, Da'wah, Prophet Muhamad, Seerah, Al-Quran, hadith, old and new Islamic thoughts, new development in Islamic countries, Problems and challenges.

Title :

Please as brief and precise as possible and not more than 15 words.

Abstract : Not more than 100 words

Pages: Papers should be for 10 pages only.

Languages of Abstract and paper : Arabic, English and Bahasa Malaya

All abstracts if accepted and manuscripts would be included in the proceeding of a CD-ROM format.

Selected good and innovated papers would be chosen to be printed in a refereed journal.

Presentation : Each presenter will be given 15 minutes to present his paper.

Important Date

Abstract: 28 February, 2015

Acceptance of abstract : 5 March, 2015

Acceptance of full paper : 20 March, 2015

Registration and payment : 30th March 2015

Conference dates: 30th and 31th May 2015

Inquiries: secretariat@iebbssce2-2015.com
Web address: http://iebbssce2-2015.com/
Sponsored/Organised by: Peoplzone Training and Consultant and North America Canadian Research Center

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