Friday, January 30, 2015

ACBPP 2015 - The Asian Conference on Business and Public Policy

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) is excited to announce the Sixth Asian Conference on Business and Public Policy 2015. We invite you to join us in the vibrant city of Kobe, Japan, from November 5-7, to experience Japan and explore the conference theme "Power" in an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary setting.

On behalf of IAFOR and the conference chairs, we hope to see you this year in Kobe, Japan.

Professor Stuart D.B. Picken
Chairman of the IAFOR IAB

Professor Jerry Platt
ACBPP2015 International Director of Program

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ACBPP2015 Conference Theme: "Power"

Power as a commodity has challenged the minds of social scientists and philosophers while its exercise has always fascinated historians. From classical thinkers' works such as Aristotle's Politka or Machiavelli's Il Principe through modern figures who manipulate power in the media, like Silvio Berlusconi or Rupert Murdoch, to the vast networks that support major heads of state, power has been a necessity to some or like an aphrodisiac to others. The dynamics of power and its associations with wealth and status now shape the contemporary world more visibly than ever. It is a research challenge to all fields of the social sciences to offer some explanation of its magnetism and its mechanisms.

The term "power," among its many other uses, can be applied to identify one of the most important mechanisms employed in the corporate world. It can refer to anything from the exercise of authority in an office context to the manipulation of complex negotiations leading to a large-scale merger or acquisition. The psychological use of power and the psychological structure power plays of any scale share numerous common characteristics. They entail persuasion, compromise, positional movement, veiled threats, or the obverse side of blackmail, namely "white-mail," where the moral stakes are raised to the point at which the opposition risks loss of reputation by resisting cooperating.

As a conference theme, power in its many aspects is a hub concept that researchers, analysts, and practitioners alike can reflect on and speak about both in the abstract and from experience. Power and its perception can therefore be an invaluable concept in the exploration of the globalization of both business and politics, and we expect this theme to excite a number of stimulating research paths, and look forward to their outcomes as we gather in Kobe in 2015.

Call For Papers - Please submit your abstract through the online submission system:

This conference invites and encourages active participation of academics, policy-makers and business professionals. Functional areas of management, marketing, accounting, finance, logistics, operations all can make significant contributions to the conference theme and related concerns. Also encouraged are papers on public policy effectiveness, efficiency and equity, on tax and fiscal policy, and on their implications for wealth redistribution. Abstracts should address one or more of the streams below, identifying a relevant sub-theme:

Global Shifts
Disruptive Innovations
Management Amidst Change
21st Century Commerce
Innovations in Financial Markets
Open-Government Initiatives
Business, Public Policy and Power
Public-Private Partnerships
Government Mandates
The Ethics of Government Secrecy

Submissions are organized into the following thematic streams:

Business - a - general economics and teaching
Business - b - history of economic thought, methodology, and heterodox approaches
Business - c - mathematical and quantitative methods
Business - d - microeconomics
Business - e - macroeconomics and monetary economics
Business - f - international economics
Business - g - financial economics
Business - h - public economics
Business - i - health, education, and welfare
Business - j - labor and demographic economics
Business - k - law and economics
Business - l - industrial organization
Business - m - business administration and business economics; marketing; accounting
Business - n - economic history
Business - o - economic development, technological change, and growth
Business - p - economic systems
Business - q - agricultural and natural resource economics; environmental and ecological economics
Business - r - urban, rural, and regional economics
Business - y - miscellaneous categories
Business - z - other special topics

Politics - political participation and representation
Politics - governance, institutions and public policy
Politics - gender, sexuality and politics
Politics - political economy, welfare and labour
Politics - international governance, conflict and development
Politics - political theory
Politics - multiculturalism
Politics - human rights
Politics - social movements

Law - civil law and the court
Law - environmental and resource management law
Law - international law: contemporary issues and solutions
Law - corporate and commercial law
Law - banking, securities and finance law
Law - law of human rights and social justice
Law - public law and policy
Law - dispute resolution: contemporary approaches
Law - law of intellectual property, information and new technologies
Law - laws of health and medicine
Law - labour and employment law
Law - criminal justice policy and law
Law - legal theory, methodology and ideology

Interdisciplinary law, economics and politics
Interdisciplinary law and politics
Interdisciplinary law and economics
Interdisciplinary politics and economics

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