Sunday, September 28, 2014

POLITSCI '14 / Political Science Conference on Political Science in Contemporary World: Neoliberalism, Crises and Social Resistance Movements

POLITSCI '14 / Political Science Conference on Political Science in Contemporary World: Neoliberalism, Crises and Social Resistance Movements
10th to 12th December 2014
Istanbul University, Turkey
Keynote Lecture: Jamie Peck

The full papers are going to be published in the proceedings book with an ISBN number, and will be sent to be reviewed for inclusion in the "Thomson and Reuters Web of Science's Conference Proceedings Citation Index" (CPCI).

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Sponsored by: Istanbul University and DAKAM

Social Classes and Late Neoliberalism
Neoliberalism in the post-crisis Period: States and Changing Accumulation Regimes
Changes in State-Capital Relations
The Impact of Economic Crises in late 2000s on Middle Classes

State Crises, Regime Crises and Neoliberal Governmentality
State Forms under Transition, New Regulatory Frameworks and Hegemonic Projects
New State Forms and New Governmental Techniques
Political Regimes/Political Crises under Late Neoliberalism and Authoritarian Tendencies
Crises of Political Hegemony and New Political Rationalities in 2000s

Global Capitalism and Global Institutions (the IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization etc.)
Changing Terms of the Global Trade and Financial Regime
Changing Role of Global Institutions
New Policy Instruments and Agendas of Global Institutions
The dynamics of "fast policy" transfer under Late Neoliberalism

Social Policy and the New Regulatory Frameworks for Poverty
New Techniques in the Government of Poverty
Rights-based Approach to Social Policy vs. the Approach Based on Poverty Aids: New Trends
Exclusive vs. Inclusive Citizenship Regimes under Late Neoliberalism

Urban Space, Class Struggles and Social Resistance Movements under Late Neoliberalism
Power, Sovereignty and Resistance in the Urban Space
New Forms of Class Struggles
Theory, Action and Social Protests
Urban Marginality

Gender Regimes under Late Neoliberalism
Gender, Politics and Space
Women, Poverty and New Regulatory Frameworks
Queer Politics and Neoliberalism
Reconstructing Manhood under Late Neoliberalism

State and Repression-Surveillance Network
State, Coercion and Social Control
The State and Surveillance Network
Security State, the "State of Emergency" and the Legal Sphere

Politics of Time, Space and Memory under Late Neoliberalism
Politics of Urban Restructuring under Late Neoliberalism
Cultural Heritage and Sites of Memory
Politics of Memory

Problematizing Politics as a Discipline
Epistemological discussions
Debates on Methodology in Politics
New interdisciplinary Approaches to Political Science
Teaching Difficult and/or Controversial Subjects
Research and teaching politics

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