Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Course on Research Methodology for Social Advocacy and Lobbying & SPSS @ Indian Social Institute

Dear Friends,

Indian Social Institute, Bangalore is organising a Course on Research Methodology for Social Advocacy and Lobbying & SPSS for NGOs and CBOs, Leaders of Peoples' Movements, Young Research Scholars and Post Graduate Students. This course is aimed at filling the gap and fulfilling the dream of social activists, NGOs with research bent and applied social scientists, their long cherished dream to develop a methodology for field based and issue based research.  Hence, we are happy to inform you that this course
on Research Methodology for Social Advocacy and Lobbying comes to fulfill all your needs.



1. Understanding of social realities and the role of advocacy and lobbying as interventions.

2. Basics of research – problem formulation, developing instruments of data collection –analysis of data-Qualitative and Quantitative methods.

3. Report Writing Skills.

4. Application of Research for Advocacy and Lobbying

5. Methods of analyzing social science data-both manual and mechanical. Preparation of code book, work sheet, cleaning of data, preparing frequency tables and interpretation of data.

6. Use of statistics –importance of statistics and use of appropriate statistical techniques.

1. Class room lectures-PPT-input from experienced researchers on social issues.

2. Reading Material

3. Group Discussions

4. Workshops

5. Interaction with field based researchers

6. Interaction with social activists, who are involved in advocacy and international lobbying.

7. Informal discussion with policy makers, politicians who voice people's concerns, etc.

The course is meant for those who are interested in serious research and activism.  Work experience in the field of development will be an added advantage.

Programme Dates                  : January 20-27, 2015

Duration                                 : 8 Days

Venue                                    : ISI, Bangalore

No. of Seats                           : 25 only

Medium of Instruction           : English

Registration Fee                     : 1000 rupees

Course Fee                              : 7000 rupees

The course fee covers course material, shared accommodation and food. Kindly pass on this information to your friends and those interested in it.

Last date for applying is 10 th of January, 2015.

Send your filled-in applications to The Head, Research Unit, Indian Social Institute, 24, Benson Road, Bangalore 560 046   or *email* to: resisiblr@gmail.com

Registration fee is to be sent as D.D drawn in favour of *Indian Social Institute, Bangalore*. You may also send the registration fee through Money Order.

Kindly contact Ms. Lakshmi Periyasamy, Research Associate at 080-2353618923536960, 23536364  during office hours for further details. (09.00 am-5.00pm from Monday through Friday)

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