Saturday, May 17, 2014

International Conference on Business innovation, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICBELSH), Bangkok

International Conference on Business Innovation, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICBELSH), Bangkok
15th June 2014
Bangkok, Thailand
Themes: Advances in Business, Economics, Law, Education, Social Sciences and Humanities and Related Areas

All accepted Original research papers will be published in indexed journal IJTRA with IC Value 5.79 (International Journal of Technical Research and Applications) e- ISSN 2320-8163; p-ISSN 2321-7332 and will be included in Google Scholar, WikiCFP, Scribd, Slideshare, Open Research, EBSCO Host, We Papers, Issuu, DOAJ and Index Copernicus International.

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Sponsored by: GRDS (Global Research and Development Services)


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- GRDS organizes popular international conferences in two broad domains (Science and Technology) and (Social Sciences) at Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok in the month of June and December every year.

- Opportunity for presenting PhD Thesis/ Dissertation/ Already published work
- Opportunity for presenting and discussing original concepts/ viewpoints/ way forward/ literature review
- Opportunity to retain copyright of presented research work for publication in other reputed journals
- Opportunity to publish research work in GRDS International Journal with ISSN number

- International Dissemination and Synthesis of Knowledge
- Generation of Multi-national Academic community

- You would be interacting with intellectuals across the globe. This may result into strong network which is utmost important in today's competitive world.
- In-depth learning of subjects and phenomena within your domain and interest areas. You would be enhancing your academic credentials and standing.
- Development of ideas, expression and perspectives from personal experience and environment which is the utmost concern of GRDS.
- Develop the confidence within you. We at GDRS understand and realize this point to a great extent and we try hard to boost and support the participant by understanding the presenters' state of mind.
- Ultimate tourism, GRDS has deep concern for this and we are flexible to a great extent for developing academic tourism. We always organize our conferences in tourist destinations and also guide our participants for making best use of time and resources.

- Student (USD 250)
- Academician/ Industry Professional (USD 300)
- Additional Paper (USD 150)
- Presentation in Absentia (USD 150)
- Published Work Presentation (USD 200)
(Special waiver for non-sponsored and deserving scholars)

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  1. 10th International Conference on Business Management and Legal Studies (ICBMLS), 22-23 May 2017, Lisbon will be organized at Congress Centre, Tecnico (Universidade de Lisboa), Campus da Alameda, Lisbon, Portugal

    The conference details can be found at:

    This conference is being organized under the mentorship of GAHSSR (Global Association for Humanities and Social Science Research)


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