Tuesday, January 28, 2014

National Seminar @ Centre for Economic and Social Studies

Call for Papers

National Seminar on Applications of Panel Data

March 25-26, 2014

The Golden Jubilee Year (2013-14) Celebration Organizing Committee, Indian Econometric Society (TIES) and the local organizing committee of Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad, are extremely delighted to invite you to the national seminar on 'Applications of Panel Data'during March 25-26, 2014.

The sub-themes of the seminar would be on applications of panel data analysis on (i) Poverty (ii) Child issues (iii) Household and Village
level surveys (iv) Industry (v) Banking and Finance (vi) Panel data issues in the Indian context.  An exclusive session is being planned for the
young research scholars working on panel data in their respective areas. Research papers on the above theme are invited by 1st March, 2014.  The papers thus received would be selected (around 20-25) for oral presentations. One author of each accepted paper for oral presentations shall be provided to and fro 3rd AC train fare with free registration facility. Delegates would be provided with accommodation and other hospitalities.

Eminent econometricians from India and abroad will be invited to give key note address and special lectures.

Please communicate your paper (considering like notes to Authors in Journal of Quantitative Economics: www.jqe.co.in; Journal of the Indian Econometric Society, www.tiesindia.net) through mail to Dr. G. Alivelu, local convenor (galivelu@cess.ac.in; alivelu2003@gmail.com), Dr P.Padmanabha Rao (ppadmanabharao@cess.ac.in), 
Registrar, CESS, Hyderabad.

Looking forward for your participation.
Organizing Committee, TIES

Local Organizing Committee, CESS, Hyderabad
Prof. V. R. Panchamukhi

Chairman, Organizing Committee
Golden Jubilee Year 2013-14 of TIES

Prof R. Radhakrishna

Chairman, CESS

Prof K L Krishna

Co-Chairman, Organising Committee, TIES, Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Prof S. Galab

Director, CESS

Prof N R Bhanumurthy

Secretary, TIES


Dr P. Padmanabha Rao

Registrar, CESS

Dr. G. Alivelu

Associate Professor, CESS

Phone no: 040-23402789, 09866090276
Centre for Economic and Social Studies
Nizamiah Observatory Campus, Begumpet

Hyderabad – 500 016, Andhra Pradesh

Tel: 91-40-23402789, 23416780

E-mail: post@cess.ac.in; director@cess.ac.in

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